General Information about Qatar Airways and how they Sponsored FC Barcelona and how Much it Cost them




General Information about the Qatar Airways and how they Sponsored FC Barcelona and how Much it Cost them

The Qatar Airways Company is the State flag carrier of Qatar, which has its headquarters in Doha. The company was established in November 1993 and it launched its operations in January 1994 by flying a Boeing 767-200ER from Kuwait. Although the airline was initially owned privately by the royal family members of Qatar, it was re-launched in 1997, under new management. Currently, the airline operates a hub network that connects more than 100 international destinations across Europe, Africa, Far East, South Asia, South America, North America,and Oceania from Doha and it uses more than 100 aircraft fleet to do so. The airline company has more than 30,000 employees and its staff is composed of 17,000 people employed directly with an additional 13,000 operates in its subsidiary offices. Currently, the Qatar government holds the largest share of the company with a fifty percent stake, while investors from the private sector hold the rest of the shares (Fuggetta, 2013).

The company has many different divisions, which include the Doha International Airport, United media International, Qatar airways holidays, Qatar Aircraft Catering, Qatar Duty free, Qatar Distribution Company, Free Aviation Services, and Qatar executive. In terms of flight destinations, the airline company operates in six continents and these are Africa, Europe, North America, Asia, South America, as well as Oceania. This makes Qatar Airways the only handful airline in the world that fly all the inhabited six continents. The company has invested in a number of fleets of airlines including the Airbus A319, Airbus A320, Airbus A321, and Airbus A320neo, Boeing 777, Boeing 787-8, and Boeing 777F. It offers a wide range of cabin services including first class cabin which has 6.5 feet legroom and seats that are flat and are made from feather duvets. The business class offers fully flat horizontal beds that can decline up to 170 degrees together with wines and massage functions. The economy class provides a seat pitch of up to 34 inches in addition to an individual-seat TV (Fuggetta, 2013).

Qatar airways’carrier entered into a sponsorship deal and strategy with FC Barcelona, which is amongst the top football clubs in Spain. The strategy was target at ensuring the brand name of the airline appears on the giant football team shirts and this has been effective for quite some time now (Fuggetta, 2013). Secondly, the Qatar Airways also acquired the branding and advertising rights at Camp Nou which is Barcelona's stadium pitch. The current agreement (sponsorship deal) with the runaway Spanish league leaders as well as the former winners of the Champion’s league would last for a period of three years. The Qatar airways through the deal became the main global partners to form a sponsorship deal with a football club and this was termed as the main deal of its kind in the world that involved football giants in Europe (Quiroga, 2013).

The Qatar airline paid for this sponsorship by creating joint initiatives, added value flights, and offering holiday packages for Barcelona FC fans globally to ensure that the two brands remain at the top of their respective fields. As part of the sponsorship deal, the airline also painted the Qatar Boeing 777 in Barcelona uniform colors. The airline company now operates 10 flight services weekly and this effectively links Barcelona with Qatar's capital city - Doha. The Barcelona football club also had to comply with the requirements of the agreement by including the airline name in the shirts of Barcelona first-team from the moment the deal was sealed. This includes the shirts used in the La Liga Matches in Spain, the Champions League in Europe, and all other friendly matches including the clubs-pre-season tours. Finally, the sponsorship was geared to help the two organizations to share various values, such as upholding excellence and also bringing in great advantagesnot just for the respective companies, but also for their cities and countries (Fuggetta, 2013).




General Information about Qatar Foundation and how they Sponsored FC Barcelona and how much it Cost them

Qatar foundation is a non-profit and semi-private chartered organization in Qatar which was created in 1995 by Sheikh Hamad Bin and his second wife Bint Nasser. The foundation offers education, science, and community development services and is also supported by the governmentthrough funding of its operations to a great extent. Currently, the foundation is chaired by Sheikha Bint Nassser and has spearheaded major developmental projects in education, science, arts, sports and community development in Qatar and other countries. The foundation focuses on unlocking the potentials of Qatar and the regions beyond fromcarbon economies, an transforming them to knowledge economy by developing their human potential across the world. The organization uses a “cedartree logo”that symbolizes an evergreen tree and its commitment to a clean environment. The foundation has been very successful, especially in mobilizinga good number of international universities to set up establishments in Qatar in a bid to help develop the education sector,supportingand improve the attitude and skill required for building knowledge-based economy that is not based solely on revenue from energy resources (Quiroga, 2013).

In the education sector, the foundation has several initiatives which include Qatar Academies that offer a wide range of international pre-school and primary education programs. The academic bridge program offers post-secondary education to students and its main target is to help them in their transition from high school to university. The foundation also has Special Academy and this offers education to students with learning difficulties. 

Within the higher education, it has several universities like the Virginia Commonwealth University which offers learning opportunities in art and design. In addition, they operate Well Cornell Medical Collage located in Qatar that operates medical programs, and HEC Paris which offers executive education programs for senior executives. In science, the foundation’s main aim has been to facilitate the innovation and development of technology through commercialization and development of solutions in key sciences sectors. This program is facilitated by funding research through the Qatar National Research Fund. In community development, the foundation has developed various initiatives that are aimed at fosteringa progressive society through community based activities, such as Qatar Debate championship. The foundation has also been addressing community social needs though programs, such as Reach Out to Asia, and enhancing cultural heritage and preservation through programs, like the Al Jazeera children’s Channel (Fuggetta, 2013).

On 10th December 2010, the Qatar Foundation entered into an agreement with the FC Barcelona and the announcement was made public by the Club’s Qatar Sports Investment Agency. This agreement was reached after FC Barcelona failed to pay its ever increasing debt and subsequently lost £369.5m during the 2009/2010 season. The new agreement was aimed at freeing up some funds that the club had lost, and restoring its confidence as well as image in the public eye. Qatar Foundation was joined by UNICEF in this initiative and as part of the agreement, which would appear on the Barcelona’s team shirts. The sponsorship deal specifically stipulated that the UNICEF logo would appear on the club’s shirts and jerseys. Although the club had opted to sell some of its assets, the Qatar foundation came to its rescue through the sponsorship deal. As part of the sponsorship deal, the FC Barcelona was required to keep the UNICEF logo on their kits for five years starting July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2016. On the hand, the Qatar foundationwould provide the club with £30 million for every season in addition to bonuses amounting to £5 million for every trophy won by FC Barcelona. During the year 2011, the Foundation offered the club a £15 million sponsorship deal for the concept of commercial rights and this totaled the amount of the complete deal including funding and bonuses to £170 million (Quiroga, 2013). Finally, the agreement was a step forward as it saved the FC Barcelona from its economic hardships ( which was an aftermath of 2007/08 economic crisis) (Quiroga, 2013). 

General information about fly Emirates and how they sponsored real Madrid and arsenal and how much it cost them

Fly Emirates is an airline company based in Dubai in the United Arabs Emirates which was launched in October 1985. The company is a subsidiary of the Emirates group of companies which is owned by the Investment Corporation of the government of Dubai. The Emirates group of companies is the largest in Middle East and it plies over 3,400 flights every week from its main hub which is located at the Dubai International Airport. It flies to more than 130 cities in 74 countries in six continents. All Cargo activities of the Company are handled by the Emirates Sky Cargo Division. Fly Emirates is ranked among the top 10 airline carriers in the world in terms of passenger capacity. In addition, the airline has also been ranked as the largest airline in the Middle East in terms of size, fleet, as well as  passengers. In fact, Emirates airline was ranked the fourth largest airline globally based on international passengers carried and scheduled passengers’ kilometer flown (James, 2013). 

Fly Emirates airline has recorded a good profit in recent years with an unprecedented growth rate of over 20 percent annually for the past four years. The airline has diversified its operations in various industries, to include airports services, engineering, catering, hospitality services and tour operations. The company has also employed more than 38,700 staff  from diverse background and these are responsible for operations in cabin crew, flight deck crew, and engineering departments. The airline has two main divisions including the Emirates Sky which is the air flight division of the company operating with Boeing Freighter and serving various exclusive cargo destinations besides others in Emirates’ Network. The second division is the Emirates executive which is solely reserved for private and corporate charters. This division operates with Airbus A319 Business Jet that accommodates 20 passengers and has exclusive features such as private suits, spacious seating, dinning, lounge, and bathrooms with full heights (James, 2013).

Fly emirates have been renowned in sponsoring the football sport across the world. The company signed an agreement with the Real Madrid which incorporated a new deal of granting the fly emirates airline the sponsorship of the club for a period of five years beginning from 2013 to 2017/2018 season. The club signed the deal because the amount that was given would enable it to compete optimally at the global level. The agreement was to ensure that the Fly Emirates enjoyed visible branding at Real Madrid's main pitch, Bernabeu Stadium and that the airline logo appears on the front side of the club's playing and training kits. In addition further advertising rights were to be provided by the club to the airline. The cost of this new agreement amounted to $160 million and the airline would also offer a number of hospitality rights to the club including branded VIP lounge and additional player’s access. 

            The airline also sponsored the Arsenal football club with the aim of strengthening the club and enabling it to compete at the national and international levels. Fly Emirates stated that the reason behind this particular sponsorship was to appreciate the continued co-operative approach and capabilities that have been developed between the two partners. The main condition of this deal was that Arsenal’s home groundwould be branded as Emirates stadium until 2028. Additionally,the Emirates brand was to continue appearing on the Arsenal’s training and playing kits and other additional marketing rights would also be offered so as to maintain the successive engagement between Emirates and Arsenal fans. The cost of the agreement was that the airline would give the club £30 million every year for five years (James, 2013). In conclusion, the activities of Fly Emirates to align itself with international powerhouses such as Arsenal and Real Madrid are target at amplifying the image and name of the brand through a more interactive appro with sports fans around the globe (James, 2013).





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