Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?

To place an order you should click on the order now button and fill in the details. Follow the procedure as prompted by the system and everything will work out smoothly. After completing the process we will be able to get all the details on our end and respond accordingly.

How will I receive the completed work?

After your order is completed we send it directly to the email address you provided while filling up the order details.

What if I need a revision?

In case of a revision you just get in touch with us highlighting what needs to e corrected and we work on it.

How do you use the personal information you get from me?

We use your personal information for the purpose of identifying you only and no third parties have access to your information including the writer. The information is used for confirming the order details, transaction purposes and distinguishing you from other clients.

Is the method of payment safe?

Yes the method of payment is very safe. We use an encrypted system of payment that has been integrated with other international safe methods of online transaction like PayPal, MasterCard etc.

Who else has access to my personal data?

Apart from the system admin no one else has access to your personal details. Both the support staff and writers have no access to your personal details like credit card number, personal email etc. this is to ensure safety of your personal data and anonymity.

Can I contact the writer directly?

No it’s not possible to have direct access to the writer because it might compromise on your identity and personal details. You can only do that through our support team. However even the support team know you by your auto-generated customer ID. Therefore unless you give your details over the chat you will remain anonymous. Many of our clients prefer it that way.

How can I get a discount?

You can get a discount depending on a number of conditions. Eg first time customers can get a discount for an order exceeding $400. However you can always negotiate with the support team on getting a discount and they will advise on what amount of discount you qualify for.

How do I know you are genuine?

We are a registered organization operating under the US federal laws and other international laws. We have never been implicated in any scam or fraudulent activity. In fact we have a very good reputation and big referral rate from satisfied clients.

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