How to Write Sale Calling Planning Report

Sale Calling Planning Report

Identification of Continental Baking Company Ltd (Wonder Bread)

Sale Calling Planning Report was performed on Continental Baking Company Ltd.Continental Baking Company Ltd is reputed to be the best producer of baked products in Jamaica offering a wide variety of products under three unique labels incorporating National, Homade and HTB. The venture was established in 1952 as a private held bread bakery. Nevertheless, from its uncertain start it has turned out to be a topmost producer of breads, nuts and buns amongst other commodities in Jamaica (Ingram 57). The company employs around 500 workers including contract labors and staff companions to aid it develop at a rapid rate. The employees of the Continental company move from store to store offering the managers a range of advertisings and exposition supplies. National produces its foods island-wide fresh on daily basis. The company’s workers as well spread full range of its products to the UK, Canada, the United States of America and Caribbean Islands. For that reason, to sustain this market for its foodstuffs, the company makes sure that good relations amongst the workers and the executives of numerous stores are established.

Identification of the Prospect and Its Needs

Profile of the Buyer

Store administrator at Publix Super Markets Inc. has been hired by this corporate for the last 15 years. This shows that he has been accountable for making policies regarding the sale of goods for this duration. In spite of the fact that this Wonder Bread from Continental Baking Company was a fresh good at the stores, an important number of people were by this time purchasing it. There are certain instants when store administrator has a lot of work to deal with, however does not mean that their clients will not be served aptly. In such circumstances, the assistant managerial store chief is at all times eager and set to aid in policy-making that is necessary. For this reason, this clarifies that it is important to form a good rapport with the assistant executive store administrator to ensure things go as planned for both the buyer and the manufacturer in discussion. However, it is invariably essential to work openly with the managerial store executive to as he is the one who makes the most important plans.

Profile of Publix Super market

Publix Super market leads surreptitiously controlled grocery operators in the USA. Publix Supermarket has grown rapidly and been more profitable than any other local rivals are. This has been possible via highlighting facilities and a family friendly look over cost. Study indicates it has larger than two thirds of its stores in Florida, Tennessee, Alabama and others. Publix produces a number of its reserved bakery, daily commodities and also fresh prepared foods at its personal invention industry in Florida.

In addition, a great number of stores hold banks and drugstores. Employees own about 30% of Publix, which is still run and administered by the Jenkins family. As a result, this paper will assume that the recent Publix supermarket corporation that is being enlisted is not making or selling Wonder Bread. This is undertaken to make it easy for the ADAPT system to be a bit more outstanding.

Identification of the Prospect and Its Needs

It has been perceived that the consumer does not sell most of its commodities, which consequently spoil prior to being purchased. This is due to the fact that supermarkets do not have storage amenities for its goods. As it appears in most incidents, salespeople are accountable for any good that perishes prior to being bought, although the supermarket has not made any gain from the commodity. This is a considerable issue that has been dealt with urgency to make sure it reaches its goals. As a result, the requisite here is the institution or the advancement of storage methods, particularly for consumable commodities such as daily as well baked products. This is a chance that Wonder Bread aims to use, and it will accomplish this by creating the storage amenity that will make it easy or likely for goods to be traded while still consumable each day. This is due to the fact that most or every client likes to buy goods that are unpreserved due to health problems. As it is recognized, bad foods have a propensity of leading to healthy issues like stomachache and others. Therefore, to have more clients or sustaining them, the corporation demands to have a better storage amenity that will allow this in Publix super market.

One more necessity the consumer demands is to tempt clients in the stores. In many incidents, the store ought to have a number of products that they do not essentially make many gains out of them; however they plot via other commodities. As a result, numerous stores that are visited have been fruitful owing to using Wonder Bread to appeal to clients.

Consequently, the consumer desire to have better services and also the individual in position of stocking the empty shelves after trading accessible goods. This is due to the fact that it is essential that the shelves are packed always to shun losing profits. By missing on transactions, the sales assistant as well loses money for the store, which leads to administrator’s frustration.

There is a desire for better relations amongst the consumer and the manufacturer to improve the procedure of purchasing and trading successfully. In any venture established, mounting a better relation is essential due to the fact that it builds an approachable setting to undertake business or trading activities openly without any worry. Thus, the consumer (Publix supermarkets) has to be open with the manufacturer (continental baking company (Wonder Bread) to facilitate the first (the buyer) may be capable to access its maker whenever. For this to take place, these individuals ought to be in a status to reach other associates to build the rapport better.

In addition, there is the need to have the good that has a reputable status and also trademark look.  This is due to the fact that products that have good cognizance are more probable to be used by consumers. As a result, Wonder Bread is one of the state’s fresh, easiest, most pleasurable bread produces.  With a better repute, the store is expected to develop and earn more revenues than in the past.

The supervisor as well demands to have campaigns and expositions. The one can accomplish this by utilizing transaction undertaken during the vacations to make essential promotions and exhibitions regarding the goods of the store. Therefore, episodic displays ought to take advantage of the peak times.

There is the demand for the director’s venture to grow; this is due to the fact that it is essential for any corporation to make development each time to facilitate the manager to have the inspiration to continue. As a result, for the manager to meet this objective of development and grow his venture, he will have to make better utilization of his sales individuals in a number of procedures. For example, such procedures incorporate the distribution of goods to various companies, running promotions or operations for the store and also exhibiting the goods in support of the boss to numerous target clients and marketplaces.

Identification of the Total Market Offering

It is important that as the sales individual from the Publix supermarkets Inc. offers the essential facets, gains and remunerations that the Wonder Bread provides once learning of numerous demands for client or the store chief. The managerial store boss has to control a sales individual that will offer enhanced services and be accountable for stocking the empty shelves always. The administrator’s chief duty is to make sure that all of the shelves are jam-packed invariably. This is due to the fact that the empty ledges lead to considerable losses to the supervisor as well as the Publix Supermarket. Therefore, the key benefits the sales individual will bring to the Publix Super markets Inc. is making sure that an unexceptional service is offered. This indicates that the sales individual will be accessible always to ensure that the shelves are packed and in better status. In most situations, clients rejoice in shopping from shelves that are packed as it offers chance to make selections from the accessible goods. The best benefits the supervisor’s store will accomplish are getting more revenue and create more returns.

It is as well imperative to comprehend that the managerial store supervisor demands to have a good connection with his sales assistant. The chief benefit of this is that the supervisor has the chance to reach him anytime there is a demand for a good without any dread. The advantage is that self-reliance, decency and dependability and also friendliness amongst the store executive and the sales assistant will be proven.

In addition, the store supervisor requires his sales assistant to cultivate the need to aid his corporation to development. The main facet that Wonder Bread comes up with to this supervisor is to make his corporation to excel further than dealings. It will achieve this by appealing to more clients and at a rapid rate. The benefit is that Wonder Bread has the ability to trade easily and at a rapid rate. This is a great advantage for the supervisor as he stands a better opportunity of gain additional cash, and get appreciation from Publix Super Market Inc.

The manager has the need to have a strong brand that has a sturdy status. The idea that Wonder Bread offers to this venture is that people adore Continental bakery goods and Wonder Bread is the highly looked for commodity. The company’s trademark is much known that that of their competitors. Actually, the trademark has the topmost percentage of cognizance and its appearance Wonder® Bread denotes a sense of “wonder.”

The store executive as well has to appeal to clients into the store. Diverse corporations embrace a number of products to entire people. Nevertheless, it is revealed that Wonder Bread has authority and ability to accomplish this. The benefit is that the clients will see the low costs and they will unavoidably posit that the supermarket provides low rates. This will in the long run improve sales amount.  Although not all customers will be attracted by this, most of the clients are enticed by it; as a result, the advantage for the store executive and the company is that it will have its gains and income improved.

The store manager requires commercials as well as displays provisions at particular periods of the year. The finest moments ought to be Christmas holidays as a considerable number of individuals like conducting purchases at these periods; and therefore it is the time of the year that the store supervisor can benefits from getting more clients. The advantage of offering him seasonal advertisings is that clients will buy more. The advantage is that store executive will lessen the production cost, enhance demand and also make more revenues.

For that reason, the supervisor requires to possess storage amenities to cut on the cost undertaken when goods spoil prior to their purchase. The benefit is that more goods will be stored in good settings up to all the completion of the stock. The advantage is that the store supervisor will be capable of selling all goods; therefore mend all the revenues linked to them. What is more, the sales assistant will not have to languish in the effects connected with the goods spoiling prior to their purchase.

Prospects need Features Advantages Benefits
1. Storage facility Wonder Bread encourages good storage of foodstuffs Goods are kept in good environments until the whole stock is finished Vending all the goods and improving revenues
2.Attract clients into the store Wonder Bread has the prospective of alluring to clients to purchase goods Wonder Bread has the authority to appeal customers therefore no necessity to use other goods. Augmented revenues into the business
3. Enhanced services Completely stocked shelves No loss experienced at any assumed time More earnings are made.
4. A good rapport The producer and the buyer develops a strong connection The manager can get in touch with the sales assistant always in case the need arises Self-assurance, dependability and compatibility are enriched.
5. A good status of the brand Individuals follow the appealing image of Wonder Bread It has the best and most acknowledged trademark The sales assistant has the easiest time when it comes to vending the good
6. Advertisings and expositions Promotions and sales offerings Leads to customer attraction Increases demand, value and lessens production costs
7. Need to progress or enlarge Sale without difficulty Attract more customers to the business Make more revenues and earn acknowledgment


Profile of competition

Bluebird Bread:

Bluebird bread’s chief forte is that it makes up quality elements and is baked to meet high values. Although it has such fortes, Wonder Bread is more nutritious as well it is known to lessen certain sickness like beriberi. Nevertheless, Bluebird bread has its low points when it comes to costs. It sells at a higher cost that makes it not vending more as not all clients can manage to pay for it.  Wonder bread trades more at a reasonable price.

Wheat Berry with honey bread:

Wheat Berry with honey bread has its strong points in its best elements that it enhances to sustain always. The other forte is that it has no artificial colors, stabilizers or tastes; however it is baked with the taste of goodness of entire grain offering customer vitamins. Despite the fact that they are tasty, Wonder Bread simply as the name implies is still the best bread on the list. The low point the wheat berry with honey bread has is that it is not easily accessed and it’s made on instruction, whereas Wonder bread is at all times accessible.


Improved storage facility

Wonder BreadP       I         PxI


10      9         90

Bluebird Bread P       I         PxI


8      8           64

Wheat Berry with honey breadP       I           PxI

6       7            42

Appeal to consumers into the business 8        10        80 7     9            54 6       8            48
Improved services 10      10        100 9   10            90 9       9              81
Good relationship 9       10           90 6   8              48 5      9                 45
Good reputation of the brand 10       9           90 8     8              64 9         8               72
Exhibition and promotions 10       10           100 6      9              54 9        6                54
Need to develop and expand 10        10           100


7      9             63 9       7                63
Overall evaluation score 650 437 405


This multi-facet concept depicts that Wonder bread is the best in most groupings. Nevertheless, this does not indicate that corporation has no parts of enhancement. It is the idea of the corporation to make any enhancements in numerous categories at each store. The enhancement could vary from having enhanced connections, improved storage amenities as well getting new shelves and much more. as a result, the aim of the venture is to deliver cognizance to the customers and aid both corporation to progress..

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ADAPT Sequence to Uncover Buyer Needs


What spot do you embrace concerning each of other stores?

How does Publix supermarkets assembly its pecking order from the store executive?

How does it feel to be a store boss like you?

As a store supervisor, what are your essential objectives?

Discovery questions:

What problems do you go through leading with your existing salespersons?

Do these salespersons offer acceptable services?

How recurrent do you receive adverts or seasonal rebates from these salespersons as a benefits?

How many years have you dealt with your existing snack sellers?

Activation questions:

  1. Do you encounter difficulties enticing clients into your store?
  2. Would you fancy the good that has high profit margin and less sales capacity or the good that with a small profit edge but higher sales?
  3. How valuable is it to have the exhibitions in front rows of the store?
  4. How would it impact your store if you had empty shelves?
  5. What would happen if a salesperson left his or her shelf empty?
  6. Does the good, which has more cognizance campaign carried, vend better than one that has not?
  7. How important are better buyer-seller relations in your opinion?

Projection questions:

What will take place if you have goods that appeal clients to your store?

Do you contemplate they will buy other goods other than those enticed?

How much more would you vend if you had commodities that clients were more aware of?

How would you sense to make more cash per square foot?

Transition questions:

Being gainful per square foot? Having a salesperson who preserves the shelf jam-packed significant? Vending huge volumes and making vast sums of money? Having goods that clients are aware of? If our corporation had ensured that you got all these wants, would you contemplate making a transaction concerning our Wonder Bread?

 Anticipated buyer objections or resistance

  1. There are various vendors of bread, and I have been associating with a significant number of them for six years now.

Response: Wonder bread is a commodity manufactured by Continental Baking Company and it is more beneficial in terms of quality. In view of that, it is more low-priced due to low prices. What I am trying to do is providing you a proposal of a new good in your store so that you can enlarge the good line. This means that you do not have to stop working with other merchants.

  1. I have narrow exhibition space and therefore I cannot put up with your good for the same reason.

Response: I have no issue with that; I can at all times find a space that I can place my good, I assure you will not remorse.

  1. I have had numerous salespersons informing me that their foodstuffs will entice consumers into my store, but latterly, I see no good end result. There is no need for another vendor.

Response: Wonder Bread has a good status and assumed contemporary status of people; they at all times go for the goods with exceptional names and character. As a result, assumed the image of Wonder Bread, you will certainly obtain progressive and heartening results. I have done this with numerous stores and the consequences are exceptional.

  1. I have a conference in the next twenty minutes with my client, maybe we can converse later.

Response: it is acceptable with me. On the other hand, I am calling you to secure some time tomorrow or any other time depending on your diary so that we can share more on the same issue.

  1. Your foodstuff has a yield edge that is not very motivating

Response: that is true, but the produce focuses at vending at lower rates but at higher amount. Wonder Bread is capable to attain both sales capacity and profits as of its value and inexpensiveness.

  1. How certain are you that my shelf will stay packed all along?

Response: that you cannot tell, except you put your reliance on my word and let me demonstrate to you what I can achieve. I am sure that you apprehend that my presence is essential in the growth of your corporation.

  1. How do you anticipate to keep your goods fresh all through without them spoiling?
    Response: I have ample storage amenities and I know that I can share them with you so that your commodities also stay fresh and therefore get more revenue.
  2. I need more time to reflect on all you have said.

Response: I have no issue sir, just take your time but I am positive that my request will be approved. In the period in-between, we can communicate.

  1. You may have a fixed space in my buildup, but not the demonstration galaxy.

Response: I appreciate that as it is the chance for me to display that my foodstuff can really do wonders for the corporation.

  1. What are some of the policies that you will embrace to attract more clients into the store? Response: I will use campaigns, commercials and displays, particularly in the course of the vacations such as Christmas.

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