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Global Environment

Among the crucial components for human development and growth is the environment and realization of sustainable development. It is among critical aspects of international system for the simple reason humanity survives on an effective and quality environment. There are different kinds of problems and issues related to global environment. Climatic change, consequently is one of the most pressing global environmental concern. For decades, global warming and climate change has proven to be the greatest concern for scientists. The effects of global warming are far reaching from polar ice caps melting to catastrophic weather that threaten the ecosystems. Scientists are in agreement the concern of global warming is a real one. Additionally, they note human activities massively contribute to climatic change and global warming (Sharpe 123) and global environment.

Global warming is a term referring to a principal problem related to atmospheric carbon dioxide overbalance (Schuldt et al. 115) ang global environment. It is this excess atmospheric carbon dioxide that acts as a blanket with the capacity and ability of trapping warmth and heat of the planet. Some elements that contribute to this excess carbon dioxide include human activities such as burning fossil fuels in form of oil, natural gas and coal. Other activities that also lead to the problem of global environment include the burning and cutting down of forests. It is important to state the major reason the globe keeps getting hotter is carbon pollution which leads to an increase in drought, weather disasters as well as detrimental health effects.

For purposes of making the world a better place to live, it is important to prevent and eliminate carbon dioxide emission into the environment. This can be achieved through reduction of dependence on fossil fuels as well as increased use of renewable energy and clean water (Sharpe 123). Additionally, there is also the need to implement and integrate substantive and adequate policies that facilitate the ability of the world to prepare for drought, storms and floods as well as other critical climate change consequences. Various entities and international organizations place emphasis on eliminating the dangers associated with global warming as one of the most constricting issue in the matter of modern global environment.

research-papers-research-papers-service-custom-research-papersThe UN is among the leading international organizations that continue to challenge global warming seriously and this is evidenced in most of its programs. For example, UNESCO is of great importance in freshwater resources management throughout the world which is done in integration of Water Portal and WWDR. On the other hand, UNIDO is important in management of climate change and Kyoto related activities and protocols. Another international body that focuses on promotion of healthy global government policies is WHO. Additionally, the focus of UNEP is the incorporation for environmental concepts related to energy planning throughout the globe. What is more, UNDP also promotes environmental protection and quality management in relation to planning of energy across the world. What is more, UNDP also promotes quality protection and management of the environment as well as use of natural resources via EAP and SEED (Narum 24).

Apart from the UN, there also exist other international organizations that play important roles towards the prevention and elimination of global environment as well as the influences. For example, the World Bank, OECD, WEC and WTO also operate towards getting rid of global effects. What is more, the implementation and international organizations work towards achievement of these objectives and goals in relation to global warming. This is a representation of the international development that was adopted in 1997 in Kyoto, Japan with demand for economic powerhouses like the European Union, US and Japan in reduction of carbon dioxide emission rate into the atmosphere.

Other organizations that also focus on new policies implementation towards eliminating global warming and all its effects include Global Warming International Center, the Pew Center of the US and International Action on Global Warming. Such international organizations focus on the adoption as well as implementation of varying policies and procedures in relation to the utilization of clean water, energy and environmental protection. The main objective is minimization of greenhouse gases emission into the atmosphere by different kinds of human activities (Narum 32).

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