Worldly Wisdom versus Godly Wisdom Sample Paper on Divorce


Consider a situation in which a husband and a wife have been caught committing adultery. The husband of the wife Mr. Scott feels offended by this situation due to the effects and tension it has created. His productivity at the workplace has been affected as well as in performing home affairs. This gets to a level where he thinks about divorcing the wife. What kind of advice could you offer him keeping in mind that the Bible prohibits infidelity (Malachi 2:16).

My advice to him is that contemplating divorce was right because trust has been breached in the marriage. Nevertheless, he ought not to depend on advice from other people while making his decision because not everybody is honest with him (Brown, 213). Scott should consider the children’s interest in addition to thinking about his security as a person before filing for a divorce. He should consider the views of his wife concerning her act so that he can know what led to this situation (Hawkins, Willoughby, & Doherty, 2012).Image 2

The basis of divorce advice is worldly understanding. According to worldly faiths, marriage is not holy. However, in God’s eye marriage is holy. Additionally, the court system also contributes to this understanding because of the way it determines divorce cases (Evans, 2012). For this reason, Scott thought that the case might take a similar line.

Annulment of a marriage and infidelity are detested by God. In 1st Peter 5:7, the bible says that we should let God address our worries and give us wisdom and comfort. According to Hebrews 13:4, marriage should be honored by everybody to avoid being judged by God for immorality. As such, Scott ought to forgive the wife because in Matthew 6:14, the bible says that a person who forgives shall be forgiven too. Apart from being fit for the situation that Scott is in, these scriptures are encouraging to those in hopelessness’ state.

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