Wisdom to help you choose Where to Find Good Samples of Thesis Statements

Wisdom to help you choose Where to Find Good Samples of Thesis Statements

A thesis statement is a sentence, which usually comes at the end of your introduction paragraph and states your main idea. It plays a major role in written assignments, as it determines the flow of ideas within the paper. Notably, a thesis statement is not merely a topic of discussion. It denotes an opinion you intend to defend throughout your paper using authentic evidence. Because of the challenge in drafting this sentence, you need to figure out where to find good samples of thesis statements to become an excellent writer.

This manual has different sections to help you find quality examples of thesis statements from reliable sources.

See what we have for you briefly:

  • Tips for writing good thesis statements
  • Pros and Cons of sourcing thesis online
  • Selected examples of good thesis statements
  • Reliable sources of thesis statements

Read on and follow these guidelines to overcome all your writing challenges.

Tips on where to find good samples of thesis statements without any hustle

Writing is a skill you acquire through learning and practice. For freshmen, it appears to be a tall order but a walkover for veterans. Once you master the art of paper writing, you forget about constant stress from writing assignments.

However, knowing where to find writing help will become handy when you are stuck. From the people around you to someone in a different continent, you can receive writing solutions from anywhere in the world.

Who can help you write a better thesis?

Your professor – make your lecturer your friend, draw from their vast knowledge, and experience in writing. Seek assistance at any time to enhance your writing prowess.

Your classmates – Your friends and the people studying the same course will help you master some concepts after the lecturer has left. Make good use of discussion groups, to give you forums to teach one another, identify your areas of weakness and strategize on turning weaknesses into strengths.

Seek online help – With the advent and massive usage of the internet, you can get all you need online. You do not have to worry about where to find good samples of thesis statements because the solutions are on your Smartphone. However, as we are about to see, online sources have a range of challenges and benefits.

Finding good thesis statements from the internet

Have tried the internet when handling writing assignments? It is a cool place with solutions right in your search engine. What is more, you only need internet connection to link with writers from all over in the world. Here are the merits of the internet as a source.

Internet saves time – internet has become an instant answer for students worldwide. Why spend endless hours in the library or miss your friend’s party because of an essay. It allows you enough time to attend to other tasks on your ‘to do list.’

Internet is convenient – Imagine getting your research paper at your study table or in a cyber café without altering your busy schedule.

Internet has professional writers – Depending the company you consult, the internet can be a source of standard assignment solutions, which the requirements of your lecturers.

With all these benefits of the internet your source of writing help, you must be ready to visit some of the selected sites for excellent and unmatched products and services. Take a look:

Example of top Essay sites

With these recommended companies, establishing where to find good samples of thesis statements should no longer trouble you.

Why you should be wary of the internet when looking for sample thesis statements

While the internet will offer you numerous advantages when handling written assignment, it equally poses a range of challenges and threats, some of which could be shatter your career dreams.

Disadvantages of online source of writing help:

Internet exposes you to scammers – Using the internet for writing help can land you into the thirsty online fraudsters who prey on unsuspecting clients. Since most of these companies know that you are desperately seeking help, they will promise what they cannot offer before disappearing into the thin air as soon as you pay. Be cautious when browsing the net for assignment help.

Online companies are extortionists – it is almost impossible to find an online company that offers excellent services with affordable rates. They will charge you exorbitant prices that do not match the services they offer.

Unreliability – Online sources of help can be a big disappointment when you need urgent help. Since they are operating virtually and you cannot reach them physically, finding reliable help could be a problem.

Maneuvering the internet for your thesis statements

Surviving online is not easy. You need wisdom to overcome issues of fraudsters, poor quality, unreliability and extortion among others. Besides equipping you with skills to hone your writing skills, this handout is also an important tool to use to overcome the above challenges when considering where to find good samples of thesis statements.

Here are undisputable online tricks for you

Seek help from online libraries

The web is replete with libraries that guarantee you quality and professional assignment help. Established libraries in the world offer helpful learning materials to better your writing. You will also find reading materials, sample papers. In cases where these facilities require subscription fee, it is worth your dollars because of what they deliver.

Some of the top libraries in the world to think of include the following:

  • The Morgan Library & Museum, NY, USA
  • Seattle Central Library, Seattle, WA
  • New York Public Library, New York
  • Library of Parliament, Ottawa, Canada

Use university websites to get your writing help

Close to libraries are leading universities in the world, which offer online research and writing help. Do not struggle with your thesis and other written assignments when you can get assistance from renowned learning institutions like Harvard University, Stanford University, Cornell University, University of Chicago and Purdue University among others.

Do background check before hiring online services

Before selecting a company, find out more about its products and services through reviews. Know what previous clients say about the company in terms of reliability, quality and prices.

You do not want to risk your PhD paper with a company that is fresh in the market with no track record. From these findings, it will become easier for you to narrow down to a trusted source, which will not disappoint you in the end.

Things that make a thesis statement strong to support your argument

With the above discussion on places where to find good samples of thesis statements, it is important to know the attributes of a good thesis statement. This will help you:

Firstly, to identify the best sample thesis statement from a collection of several options

Secondly, this knowledge will enhance your writing skills in all aspects

Examine the following attributes of a good thesis statement:

It should be arguable – A strong thesis statement presents a contestable point, which allows the audience to disagree. At its minimum, a good thesis statement should be provocative. Make a strong claim and gather enough evidence to support your argument.

It is specific – A good thesis statement focuses on proving a single point without addressing every topic of your field. Ensure that you narrow down to an issue in order to orient your readers. Being specific will further help you to determine the scope of your paper. Your paper should not be too broad to drain you or too narrow to limit your argument.

A good thesis asserts your conclusion using evidence – as you work on your paper, be flexible and ready adjust your thesis statement so that it rhymes with your paper, including the conclusion. Do not be among students who never revisit and evaluate their thesis upon completing the assignment.

It anticipates a counterargument – As you draft your thesis statement, expect opposing views

It does not use vague language – Be confident. Avoid phrases such as ‘it seems’

Do not use first person- Avoid the use of ‘In my opinion’

With these attributes, you will have a clear mind even as you think of where to find good samples of thesis statements.

Examples of essays with good thesis statements worth your time:

If you are wondering where to start from in your search for good thesis samples, here are selected essays with clear and provocative arguments. Read on and see how the above tips we have discussed come into play.

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