Where to Find Good Examples of Research Papers

Where to Find Good Examples of Research Papers

When you know where to find good examples of research papers, you can easily master the art of writing great research papers. Many lecturers require students to write research papers before they graduate from colleges and universities. Unfortunately, most students are not familiar with research papers. Even most of those who know how to write research papers are not conversant with the styles and formats that are associated with research papers. As such, it is important to have research paper samples to help you determine the best way of writing your research papers. Good examples of research papers are papers or articles that report comprehensive findings with complete citation of the included information to make it easier for readers to track down its source from the referenced sources as discussed here.

Know where to find good examples of research papers to craft good papers

Sometimes, even formatting a research paper can be difficult especially when working with the specified format for the first time. This is because some research paper writing formats such as MLA and APA are usually very strict. When writing a research paper in such formats, you must adhere to certain guidelines which include how you present information on the title page of the paper, how you place the title, include in-text citations, reference the cited works, number pages, and other aspects of writing the paper.

Adhering to all these guidelines when formatting your research papers can be overwhelming especially if you have never written a research paper in that particular style or format before. However, when you have research paper samples, you can easily determine how you should format your paper. You also save the time that you would spend trying to format the paper without being sure of what you are doing. Additionally, some examples of research papers have information that you may need to write your papers. Thus, they act as sources for your research papers.

Places where you can find excellent examples of research papers

Open access journal

There are several open access journals that allow internet users to download sample papers free of charge. You can find such journals from the open access journals’ directory which lists these journals. It is important to note that some of the journals listed in this directory have low impact rating than others. However, these journals can be a good point to start your search for good examples of research papers to guide you in writing your own papers. Th directory for such journals that can help you find a journal with the sample papers that you want is found at doaj.org.

Journals that other blogs and websites reference in their articles

Most reputable blogs and websites refer readers to reputable journals in their articles. These are journals that are dedicated to publishing research findings in their niches or areas of specialty.


  • Behind headlines

NHS website provides scientific health research analysis that was featured by the media.Click here to see more. Click here to see more.

  • British Psychological Society Research Digest

This is a site that covers psychological nature research. However, there are times when it can cover biological and sociological research- found at bps research digest.

  • Not rocket science

This is a blog that specializes in different science topics on the basis of the published research found here.

  • Research blogging

This collects different blogs whose blog posts are based on researchClick here to see more here to see more.

Such blogs are ideal places to start the search for good examples of research papers on different subjects or topics. In most cases, you will find a link to various research papers at the end of their blog posts on which the posts or articles are based. You can use the link to get the sample research paper.

  • Media stories

Magazines like the New Scientist that report different research findings will enable you to identify where to find good examples of research papers. The online versions of such magazines provide a link to their sources or research. Some newspapers which publish scientific stories online also provide links to research papers on which their stories are based.

  • Websites of different universities

Most universities and colleges share samples of research papers while providing manuals and guidelines for writing different assignments. If you visit the website of your university, you are likely to find such samples. However, you may have to search through various departments of your university. If you cannot find the research paper sample that you want, visit the websites of other universities. Here is such a sample research paper, gallaudet education.

  • Google Scholar

This is a tool by Google that you can find by clicking the ‘more’ link on the homepage of Google search engine. This tool enables you to conduct a quick search for research papers, patents and books. Although it might seem like a miss and hit way of looking for research paper samples, it can help you especially if you need a general topic paper or article. However, you can use the tool to find the research paper that you want by being more specific in your query. You can also use ‘advanced search.’

  • Academic writing centers

There are academic writing centers that have excellent research paper samples that the former students wrote. If your university or college has an academic writing center, visit it or consult its staffs because these might know where to find good examples of research papers and direct you. If you are not sure whether your college or university has one, consult with the university or college staff. Once you find the center, consult the staffs in charge of it. These will help you in finding the best samples depending on what you want.

  • Your professor or supervisor

Some professors or supervisors have a collection of research papers that they use in teaching their students how to write research papers. Therefore, talk to your professor if you are stuck and looking for sample research papers to guide you. If you approach the professor well, he might even explain to you how you can come up with a good research paper using the example that he will give you.

  • Reputable academic writing agencies

There are several agencies that offer academic writing services. These have good examples of research papers on their websites or blogs. While some charge fees for research paper samples, others offer them free of charge. You can also buy research paper samples from these agencies.

Among the agencies that offer free, quality research paper samples include:


Do not be surprised to find a colleague with excellent examples of research papers. Most students who score better grades in research papers use sample papers as their writing guides. Such students know where to find good examples of research papers. Once they direct you to a resource where they get good sample papers, ask them about authors or organizations that publish the best papers. Some of your colleagues who score better grades in research papers can also share their papers with you and these can act like your writing samples.

University or college library

Academic institutions led by universities and colleges have subscriptions to several scientific journals. This implies that they receive publications from such journals on regular basis. Fortunately, these publications, which include research papers, are accessible to students and the public. Therefore, you can contact the staff in your university or college library to find out if they have good examples of research papers that you can use as your writing guide. Some universities have libraries that allow students to even photocopy sample research papers and use their copies as references in the future.

Choose where to find good examples of research papers wisely

Knowing where you can find research paper samples alone is not enough. You should evaluate the samples offered by the resource before you use them as your writing guide. It is important to evaluate the sources that the authors of the papers use because some sources offer more reliable information than others.These can be validates at here. Therefore, if you are writing an academic research paper, use academic or scholarly papers or articles as your writing samples.

Do not use examples of research papers with:

  • Badly written title page
  • Missing or badly written abstract
  • Poor language
  • Badly written reference page
  • Poor in-text citations

These aspects should serve as a red flag for you when trying to identify the best places to get your sample papers from. Note that you should use excellent samples of research papers as your guide if you want to write great research papers. This is why you need to use superior quality research paper samples from reliable sources only. Nevertheless, you can find good examples of research online from different sources that have been listed in this section.

Get help to find good examples of research papers

If you face challenges while trying to find good examples of research papers contact us for assistance. You can also visit the homepage of our website for information about our professional writing services and where to find good examples of research papers. Alternatively, continue reading for more guidelines and sample papers on our blog.