What You Should not Write in your Personal Statement and APA Style Papers

Personal Statement

When writing a Personal Statement or APA Style Papers, there are a number of things that must never be included. Many students however, make the mistake of including these irrelevant or unnecessary inclusions. There are several mistakes that are found as listed in the website essaysexperts.net.

Mistakes to Avoid in APA Style Papers

  • Quoting the words of other people is completely off limits in a Personal Statement. Only your words are necessary and sufficient to put your points across. This can only be done if it really is necessary to do so. Doing this would also waste valuable words that you could have used to express yourself better. It does not matter how famous the person is that you are quoting from. Essaysexperts.net provides useful information on how to deal with quotes in term papers.
  • Putting in a list of random books or in fact all the books you have ever read is not proper in a statement. It only serves to make the statement extremely boring, since such additions add no value. Also do not jam the writing with a list of all the places you have ever visited or all the work experience you have ever had. The important thing that most students miss out is that the relevance of the information given is based on the knowledge or skills gained from them. Essaysexperts.net gives useful information on presenting arguments in term papers.
  • There are some phrases used in both a statement and APA Style Papers that have simply become overused clichés. These are statements that are used repeatedly and do not show creativity or make your work stand out from the crowd.
  • Putting in information that cannot be proven or is non existent is a major mistake. This is usually done by research-papers-research-papers-service-custom-research-papersstudents who want to present a false image in the Personal Statement. It is much better to state your personal achievements rather than writing that you are ‘highly motivated’. Writing unproven information in APA Style Papers shows a complete lack of basic research skills.
  • Plagiarism is disapproved of in academic circles. It can lead to some punitive measures. If it does appear in the Personal Statement it would hint at the possibility that the student is a liar and not trustworthy. Plagiarism software would easily detect plagiarized materials from countless sources. Any information presented in APA Style Papers without citation would be regarded as plagiarism and the student would be penalized for it. Proper citation styles can be learned through essaysexperts.net.
  • Academic work is a very serious and sober matter that does not leave from for humor. Inclusion of funny stories in the writing would not only get the lecturer’s disapproval, but the student would also get penalized for it. This should not be contained in the academician’s Personal Statement. APA Style Papers have particular styles of writing that do not involve funny stories, but rather factual information with proper citations. All informal words are off limits too.
  • Putting in excuses is bad enough in real life, but is worse when included in the Personal Statement. The student can circumvent this directing their focus on the positive. APA Style Papers leave no room for explanations of any personal nature.