What Is English Argumentative Essay?

What Is English Argumentative Essay?

Are you questioning what an English argumentative essay is? You are not alone; there are many students who are trying to speculate over the same. An argumentative is a paper that requires a writer to take a stance and defend it. When writing the paper, you have to gather evidence from personal experience, historical examples, literature and research to support his or her viewpoint.

Additionally, the paper must contain elements that persuade target audience beyond reasonable doubt to see things from your point of view. For this reason, you must plan and prepare before embarking on the writing process. You will have to gather crucial evidence and present a well thought and well-reasoned claim based on the debatable subject.

What is an English argumentative essay and why get oriented before writing?

With clear understanding of what an English argumentative paper is, you need to get oriented with the writing process. It is a simple and yet a challenging process therefore, you need to

Choose a subject you are passionate about. Whether you choose to disagree or agree with a given point, always settle for a topic that you can strongly argue about. In this case, you ought to focus on both sides of the subject including pros and cons of the subject.

Pay attention to target audience, what they believe in and prepare to discuss major points that your audience will be interested in

Be ready to take a stance once you have considered both sides of the argument and understood the needs of your target audience. Always focus on ideas that will strongly present your argument and defend your thoughts. A good research in this case is essential therefore,

  • Get reliable information to support your position
  • Collect facts, reports and statistics from reliable sources that your audience can fully trust
  • Study the other side of the argument and your side as well to avoid any surprises

Note that getting oriented before writing is imperative because it makes the writing process simple and effective. For this reason, master the above points to start writing.

How to write an English argumentative essay

Always write an argumentative paper in a way that convinces target audience to take your side and in a way that makes sense. Therefore, it is wise to assume that you have different opinions amongst your audience since target audience will always judge the strength of your argument.

  • Write an introduction and establish credibility of what is an English argumentative essay based on your topic. Target audience need to know and be convinced that you have clearly studied the topic, you are open about it and also fair minded about the subject.
  • Write a solid thesis statement at the end of introduction
  • Support your thesis with 3 of your best and strongest arguments. These will form the outline of your paper
  • Remember to back up your argument with specific and argumentative essay by
  • Using statistics and facts
  • Using solid examples
  • Stating areas that you share with your opponents; note that your opponents have to feel that their ideas are significant and that they are intelligent people
  • Focus on the other side, explain their beliefs and try to find arguments that oppose this stance

How do you organize an English argumentative essay?

Organizing an essay is very crucial. It helps you to present your ideas and argument in a logical manner. For an argumentative essay, there are three models you can settle for including

Model 1

Write a solid introduction

Understand the other side’s argument and have a transition back to your side

State your weakest argument; this can be in the middle of your body paragraphs

Make your strongest argument at the end of body paragraphs and

Conclude the paper

Model 2

Write a catchy introduction

Make your strongest argument

State your weakest argument

Make your second strongest argument at the end and a transition back to the other side’s argument

State the other side’s argument and

Conclude the paper

Model 3

Write an introduction

State the other side’s argument, followed by your argument and a transition back to the other side

State your weakest point and make a transition back to the other side’s weakest point

State your strongest point at the end of your body paragraphs and

Conclude your essay by

  • restating the topic and its significance,
  • restating the claim, addressing the opposing point of view
  • offering an explanation as to why readers should agree with your position because it shows that you understand the topic well and demonstrates lack of bias
  • Call for action or an overview of further research recommendation

The above models are highly recommended for English argumentative papers. However, it is wise that you consider an academic model that will enhance your writing process or one that you are comfortable with and ensure that your points are well organized as follows

  • General information: write a hook introduction; tell your readers about the topic sentence etc.
  • Focus on the direction that your paper will take: telling
  • Get more specific in your writing: showing
  • Support your argument to enhance the level of trust that the target audience has for you and the position you take: data
  • Write a conclusion with a brief wrap up or warrant and strengthen your argument by diminishing the argument made by the opposition

Most importantly, check your argument for logic and strength. Determine whether the arguments you make are reasonable by asking yourself whether

  • You are generalizing and with sufficient informationProofreading-Editing
  • You are stereotyping
  • Are your analogies based on what you are familiar with
  • Are your causes and effects real and not related to something else
  • Do you have sufficient options and
  • Do your conclusions follow all your arguments logically?
  • Are you overusing emotions or not

By answering these questions as you try to understand what an English argumentative essay is, you will determine the strength of your argument.

In general, when organizing your argumentative essay, you should move from general to more specific details.  Therefore, whenever you begin a new subject, think of an inverted pyramid where broad details sit at the top. As the paper progresses, you become more and more focused on what is an English argumentative essay and end with specific and more detailed information that support your argument or claim.

Lastly, explain to target audience the reasons as to why and why the information she has connects to or supports your thesis. This should be a very brief wrap up.

What is an English argumentative essay- the Dos and Don’ts?


  • With an idea of what an English argumentative essay is, you should always write using a passionate and professional language
  • Cite experts who hold the same position as you
  • Provide evidence, facts, and statistics and support your stance
  • Provide reasons to fully support your claim
  • Address the argument of the other side and refute their claims
  • Ensure that all paragraphs contain the four elements of a good paragraph including transition, topic sentence, specific evidence, analysis and a brief wrap up sentence.


  • Use weak qualifiers such s I think, I believe or just tell us
  • Claim to specialized or an expert if you are not
  • Avoid using strictly religious or moral claim to support your argument
  • Assume that target audience will automatically agree with your argument
  • Do not make others look bad in your statements

Examples of English argumentative essays

Example 1

Topic: Is Death Penalty Justified?

Is death penalty justified? Who has the right to away the lives of others or your life? Should legal recommendations override the life of humans? Indeed issues related to death and life generates different opinions and has been sentimental throughout history. This is largely based on the fact that they define the value of a given society towards human life…………………………………………..

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Example 2

Topic: Changes in Gender Impact

For many years, students in American history classes have been learning about the foundation of colonies in the British North America (Cott & Pleck, 1979, p. 52).  They have widely explored the political and economic developments of these colonies. Besides, they have been widely taught on how the colonies struggled to achieve their independence……………………………………………….. (Visit the link and check out the full version of this essay)

Example 3

Topic: Financial Education and Management Curriculum

Financial management refers to the effective use of limited resources availed in different viable plans. This is usually achieved through participation in a wide range of viable development projects. The management leads to accountability via effective management funds available through regular audits as well as record keeping activities. It is therefore an important discipline in the economic sector because it involves making crucial financial decisions…………………………………………… (This Premuim essays  link leads you to the above essay among other argumentative papers that you can always refer to)

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