Thesis Generator Essay

Thesis Generator

A thesis generator is a guide, a series of questions that help you to formulate or develop an argument from your topic. It helps you to develop a thesis statement, which is the main idea of your essay in one or two sentences. The statement usually identifies the topic or the writer’s opinion based on that topic. For instance,

Topic: The modern television rating system

Thesis statement: The modern television rating system does very little to help parents to make wise decisions for their children on programming.

Why is a thesis statement essential?

A thesis statement is imperative because it helps you to focus on the subject of your essay. If you can’t sum up the main idea in a few sentences, then you may not have a better understanding of the topic. Note that a thesis statement tests your clarity of thought as a writer. Therefore, once you decide on the main focus of the paper, a thesis statement will further act as a reminder for you to keep the paper organized and focused.

Secondly, a thesis statement enhances the readers understanding. The hallmark of a well-structured paper is a good thesis support outline. This means that your thesis should announce the topic of the essay. The body of the paper will further explain and enhance the topic.

Therefore, it is imperative that you learn how to develop a solid and relevant thesis statement using a thesis generator.

Formulating a thesis statement using a thesis generator

Being a thesis guide development tool, a thesis generator is easy to work with. However, you should follow these steps to formulate the right and ideal statement for your essay

State your subject or topic

State your main idea about the subject as it forms the basis or the heart of your thesis. An ideal and effective statement will

  • Express one main idea
  • It will name the topic and assert something specific about it
  • Create a more ideal thesis statement compared to the above statement. Use your thesis generator to fulfil this goal.
  • take a stance on a subject about what readers might agree on or disagree
  • state your opinion or position about the topic

Give the strongest assertion or reason to enhance your main idea or opinion

Give another reason supporting your main idea

State another more solid and strong opinion to enhance your statement

Include another viewpoint to your main idea where applicable. In other words, this should be an opinion or for the opposing view that you belief has a merit even if you do not necessarily agree with this kind of opinion.

Provide an ideal title for your essay

Thesis generator ideas to help you develop your statement

With the right thesis generator ideas, developing a good thesis becomes an easy task.


Focus about thesis equations as you ask essay questions and make a move towards developing a tentative thesis. Consider the following equations for your thesis

Specific topic angle/attitude/argument = Thesis

What are you planning to argue+ how you plan to argue it= Thesis

Thesis Stems

Use different stems to develop a proficient and advanced thesis statement

You can rank with justification (move from most important to the least important or move from least important to the most important)

Contrasts (of perspectives)

State the most significant cause or reason behind your argument and contrast it

Reveal perception vs reality

For example, if so and so may have believed in X, the real causes include x and z

Give good vs bad reasons

List reasons for the cause of x and differentiate between valid and invalid reasons

Cause and Effect

Give causes and effects of certain occurrences and challenge it. For example, the effects of rampage were ………………..and the causes were unjustifiable.

Question stems

Engage in a brainstorming session because it will not only help you develop a good thesis. It will also help you to weigh your possibilities and focus on the statement. Question stems in a thesis generator help you to create a solid statement and write a good essay. Some of the questions that will help you write a good statement include

What should be the reaction of the readers?

Who are the key players in each side and what do they contribute and how?

What is the significance and impact of?

Can I compare? How is X similar or different from Y

What if, can I predict?

How could we solve, design, enhance or deal with?

What is the value or what are the potential benefits of what you belief in?

Give reasons for what you believe in (give three to five reasons)

Guidelines to using a thesis generator

As mentioned above, a thesis generator enables you to create a thesis statement with ease. You should however,

Choose an ideal topic based on the subject you are writing about

Use of short phrases and fill all the fields required to make your essay complete

Avoid the use of punctuation marks

Check out examples of thesis statements from past papers

Confirm your thesis

Choose your favorite statement and use it in your writing and

Follow the right outline based on the type of essay you are writing. A basic outline for your thesis should include

An introductory paragraph

Body paragraphs

  • first paragraph making the first assertion
  • second paragraph making the second assertion
  • Third paragraph making the third assertion and is your strongest point. Refute any opposing point of views to your thesis statement in this paragraph.


The thesis should also feature a concluding paragraph rephrasing your thesis statement. Synthesize the points you made in your introduction and echo it.

Use your thesis generator and the above outline to draft a good thesis. You can condense it to match the size of your argument or main point.

Edit your thesis statement and your thesis generator so that the parts of your statement flow smoothly. Go an extra mile and correct possible grammar and typo errors.

Examples of a thesis generator

Example one

What is your topic e.g. music health effects

What is your general conclusion about this topic e.g. listening to your favorite music is good for your health

What is the main claim, idea or argument for your conclusion e.g. music plays a crucial role in reducing stress

What is another ideal argument for your conclusion e.g. tests revealed that it helps to relieve pain

What is the main argument against the conclusion e.g. people can respond differently to the same kind of music

(Check out the above thesis generator  and get more information on how you can develop your thesis).

Example 2

Write down the topic of your essay as assigned by your tutor

State what you believe to be true about the topic you wish to argue about? Take your stance

What is the qualification for the stance you make? Is what you say often true? Are there exceptions; are there good reasons why the stance you take may have a down side?

What is the reason behind your stance? Ask yourself why you believe that your position is correct. However, determine if your reasons will follow smoothly in the body of your essay

Put them together in one or two sentences, present your thesis including your qualification, reasons behind the position you wish to take and the position you take

NOTE: The easiest and most traditional way to combine your ideas in a thesis generator is by presenting your qualifications first. This is because it instantly demonstrates your understanding of what a thesis is and your interest in accuracy.

Secondly, present your main reason or general reason demonstrating your thinking process.

Lastly, drop your punchline, take your position.

Visit this link and check out the thesis generator therein to get more ideas on how to use a thesis creator.

Example 3

Topic: Compare and contrast different relations between humans. Give examples from personal experiences and texts read or viewed. After comparing and contrasting them, make a claim about what you belief are our responsibilities and rights towards natural world in general. Give reasons and evidence behind your stance

Thesis statement generator

Identify the topic or subject of your paper: relationships between teens and their parents

Turn the subject into a leading or guiding question: how does the relationship between parents and their teen children change?

Use your statement to answer the question: as teenagers become more independent, they tend to resist and resent limitations and expectations imposed to them by their parents

Refine the statement into a working thesis: conflict between parents and their teenage children is usually difficult but an essential part of teen growth or development.

Therefore your thesis generator in simple terms should help you

  • Identify the subject of your essay
  • Turn the subject to a guiding question
  • Answer your essay question with a statement and
  • Refine the statement into a working thesis

Check out this link and learn more about the above thesis statement  generator.

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