There is a Strong Correlation between Video Game Violence and Aggression

Violent video games are played by many children as a form of entertainment. Although playing these games comes with benefits like visual-spatial skills, problem-solving skills, hand-eye coordination as well as motivation, they greatly contribute to negative behavior in children. Even though researchers dismiss the claim that violent video games are linked to violent behavior, there are several instances that indicate strong relationship between video game violence and aggression.

Violent video games steers aggression in some children and makes them believe that violent is the sure way to tackle problems (Glynn, 2016). They tend to practice whatever they have watched in the game since they are good in behavior imitation. Most of the children’s problems are seen to be solved aggressively. A long-time exposure to violent video games causes long term negative effects in a child (Craig & Brad, 2001). Media effects vulnerability varies differently in children based on certain characteristics. Children who relates to the criminal in the game have a high likelihood of becoming aggressive.

Glynn argues that the current mass shootings by teenagers in the U.S have been piloted by media effects of violent video games, in his article; Guns and Games: The Relationship between Violent Video Games and Gun Crimes in America. He states that a student named Jared Padget who liked playing first-person shooter video games, shot a fellow student and consecutively shot himself. Evidently, the media effects of the video game steered the teenager to act aggressively to solve his problem. American Psychological Association Task Force concluded that the heightened aggressive behaviors, emotions, and low levels of empathy are associated with exposure to long term violent video games (Goldbeck & Pew, 2019). The conclusion was reached after the recurrent mass shootings in the U.S. However, researchers claim that there is no relationship between exposure to violent video games and aggressive behavior. Glynn says that there should be parent supervision and regulation on the video games children play and the time of game exposure.

Following the instances of shootings by teenagers, it is evident that there is a strong correlation between video game violence and aggression. Children playing these violen games have a high likelihood of exhibiting aggression.  There should be regulations on access to violent video games as well as parents’ supervision to prevent the negative effects like aggression in children behavior.




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