Technology Paper on Interactive Telecommunications Program

Technology Paper on Interactive Telecommunications Program

This admission essay gives insight to the Interactive Telecommunications graduate program offered at the Tisch School of Arts. I wish to join the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) for the 2-year graduate program because since its inception in 1979, the program has been described as the secret innovation weapon in New York. The program’s mission is ingrained in exploring the imaginative use of the communications technologies. Particularly, how the technologies might augment, foster improvements, delight, and bring art into the lives of people remains the crucial focus of ITP. Today, the proponents of the program describe it as the Center and platform of the ‘Recently Possible.’

Notably, this admission essay will address questions relating to fine arts and communication technology that include who constitutes the most valued collaborators, what I value about them, and what people, groups, or community do I care about most will be examined. In addition, responses to the major challenges they face, how I currently work toward their benefit, and how I would like to work in the future will be elaborated.

Further, failures learned and what I would do differently and why will also be examined. Besides, identifying a topic I would like to learn about, how to learn best, the best assignments I have been given in the past will be analyzed. Further, examining what I do about people who disagree with me and examining whether I can use new technologies to change minds will be reviewed. Additionally, examining the difficulties and opportunities for finding agreement in my media ecosystem will be examined.

I wish to come to Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) because I have passion for technology. ITP is reputed for its 2-year graduate program in advancing technology. I wish to come to ITP to establish my career in communication technology in the field of fine arts and communication technology.

Vast organizations in fine arts across the globe that have adopted cloud computing as information processing strategy are the most valued collaborators. The concept of hosting service delivery that is ingrained in cloud computing that has a significant impact in promoting organization model capabilities is the value regarding this organizations them.

This essay will examine the people, groups, or community that I care most. Major challenges them will be analyzed in addition to how I am currently work toward their benefit. Further, insight to how I would like to work in the future will be given. Consequently, the cloud computing groups that examine remote administration, resource, and the SLA management requirements is the group I care most about. The group faces major challenges of application resilience, backup, and the disaster recovery based on cloud risk management and email services.

Based on the cloud model which has flexible frameworks, I am currently working in resetting the expectations for cloud computing. In future, I would like to displays the open door policy for cloud computing to be re-given a role as an empowering agent of cloud technology adoption.

It is worth examining what failure have I learned the most from, and what I would do differently and why. It was established that inadequate skills in cloud computing limited my expertise. I will enhance my expertise in order to enhance organization’s ability to scale up adoption of technology.

I would like to learn about communication technology as my topic of interest. I will learn best my enrolling in ITP and further engage in class work that will enable me acquire both theoretical and practical skills. Developing backup system in communication technology is the best assignment I have handled in the past.  Additionally, the assignment involved distinguishing data on system servers, desktop PCs, smartphones remote gadgets that should be backed up along with other printed version records and information.

The assignment also required routine incorporation of planned backups from remote gadgets and PCs desktop PCs to a system server. Further, the assignment involved backing up printed copy essential records by inserting paper records into computerized organizes and permitting them to be backed up along with other advanced data.

Examining what I do about people who disagree with, the possibility of utilizing new technologies to change minds, and difficulties and opportunities for finding agreement in my media ecosystem constitutes a crucial part of the admission essay. As such, holding different dispositions regarding phenomena is a common occurrence in work place. In order to deal with people I disagree with, I let them know the point of disagreement. I acknowledge their perspectives regarding the issue and require them to do the same to my views.  I can use new technologies to change the minds of people. Notably, I will elucidate the benefits attributed to embracing new technologies and encourage people to align their thinking and activities with the new technologies.

Finding agreement on media ecosystem will create new platforms of embracing technology. Insufficient resources for adopting media ecosystem pose an immediate negative effect on adopting technology. Besides, the cost associated directly hinders functionality of the media ecosystem.