Technology Assignment Paper on IPhone 5, Galaxy S3and BlackBerry 10 technology management examples

IPhone 5, Galaxy S3and BlackBerry 10 technology management examples

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iPhone 5’s Disruptive Innovation …………………………………………………………….3

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Blackberry 10: Surviving Innovation …………………………………………………………6

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IPhone 5, Galaxy S3and BlackBerry 10 technology management examples


Technological innovation control requires the application of control techniques to the development, operation, and proper utilization of technology. Technological innovation supervisors help create value for their organization by using technology as well as other resources to fix problems and improve effectiveness and efficiency. In short, 21st century technology supervisors help ensure that technology makes a better future for all. The most vital effect of technology on control planning is the accessibility to bulk of information on revenue, stock, and manufacturing. Technology can be used to collect external information from revenue groups, division offices, retail stores, providers and strategies partners (Mohr, Sanjit & Stanley 13).

The system to an effective digital item is the recognition of the marketplaces needs combined with a part of creativeness and advancement. Successful digital items do not need a guide to be able to show customers how it is used, but rather, comes out simple to be able for convenience of use. When it is garnished with the quality and satisfies to the client’s desire for immediate satisfaction, then that item will absolutely stand apart. In purchase for items to sustain a highly effective lifecycle and highly effective competitors in a market, it has to go through four essential stages namely the creation of new concepts, research, and growth and lastly affiliate marketing. These actions are a procession since the main component of an effective item is advancement. In this review, I will discus three current technological innovation control illustrations namely iPhone 5, Blackberry mobile phones 10 and Galaxy S3.  The three illustrations were launched in the last 12 months. I desired my illustrations to be in the mobile phones classification. Therefore, I grabbed the most highly effective items in the market (Michell 12).

iPhone 5’s Disruptive Innovation

Disruptive innovation explains a process by which services or goods takes root initially in simple applications at the end of an industry and then constantly goes up industry, gradually displacing established opponents. As companies tend to innovate faster than their clients’ needs develop, most companies gradually end up producing services or goods that are actually too innovative, too expensive, and too complicated for many clients in their industry. Companies engage in these “sustaining innovations” at the higher levels of their marketplaces because this is what has traditionally helped them succeed: by asking for the highest prices to their most challenging and innovative clients at the top of the industry, companies will achieve the greatest productivity.

However, by doing so, companies unknowingly open the door to “disruptive innovations” at the end of the industry. A disruptive advancement allows a completely new population of clients at the end of a industry access to items or solutions that was traditionally only accessible to clients with a lot of money or a lot of skill. Features of disruptive businesses, at least in their early stages, can include reduced total edges, smaller target marketplaces, and simpler items and solutions that may not appear as attractive as current solutions when compared against traditional performance analytics.  Because these reduced levels of the industry offer reduced total edges, they are unpleasant to other firms moving way up in the marketplace, creating space at the end of the industry for new disruptive opponents to appear (Mohr, Sanjit & Stanley 19).

            Apple’s initial iPhone did not work well with the conventional Smartphone launched in the marketplace. Traditional Smartphone had excellent efficiency while the iPhone was revealed to have inadequate indication and regular decreased phone calls. The rate of conventional Smartphone’s was operated by 3G market requirements as opposed to 2G offered by the apple company. The functions of the Digicam were not that excellent as well as the iPhone offered only 2MP with no video clips as opposed to available Smartphone’s with a 3-5MP potential and able of video clips. Traditional Smartphone’s were also able of running local programs in which the iPhone was missing (Kodama 9).

            Because of these drawbacks, Steve pressed on to enhance the product and did not only make sure that met the market’s objectives but it surpassed this as well. It included more to its functions and because of the ongoing enhancement, the iPhone was not only just a Smart phone but it became a convenient portable computer as well. Traditional Smart phone producers offered web internet explorer that were quite difficult to use but the new iPhone created web surfing around very simple. Its customer interface was simple and because of its contact delicate cup, one could easily access the texting, e-mail services, photography, charts, activities, guides and mobile with a contact of a hand. In my perspective, after the apple company launched the second years of iPhones, iPhones became Competence-Enhancing advancement (Michell 16).

            Apple pressed on to structure a process that targeted on improving the functions of the iPhone and including to its efficiency that met client’s needs. In 2008, the iTunes was presented which created the iPhone even more multi-functional since it offered music, video clips, and activities on requirement. This year, the newest iPhone, iPhone 5, was published with a little of enhancement from the later iPhone 4S. Thus, it is believed that the iPhone 5 is a systematic advancement. The display of the new iPhone 5 was larger yet still simple to hold while it was 20% less heavy and quicker as it was able of linking to LTE systems. You enhanced as it could take images in low light and presented simple surroundings. However, experts have revealed that the iPhone 5 was not really advancement since it just included functions that were already available in other major Smartphone (Kodama 22). Despite that, the iPhone 5 marketed more than 2 thousand people in the first 24 hours when it was published, the iPhone 5 was said to be a failing for the apple company. The apple company had to present IPhone 5 way previously than predicted. That occurred because new Samsung had launched their new Universe S3, and the apple company did not want to loss some of her business to new Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S3’s successful innovation

Successful innovation can be described as something that pushes professional value.  To evaluate and research successful advancement, CIMS particularly looks at the following kinds of innovation: products, procedures, services, and business structure. Regardless of how “successful advancement,” is figured out, part of the unavoidable procedure is to figure out whether preliminary thoughts/hypotheses have practical possibilities to carry top range development to a company. The main point here is that successful advancement is indeed possible to accomplish and compared with the lotto, should you ‘hit it once,’ you actually have good possibilities at reaching it again.  In order to do so, you must identify that advancement can be calculated and therefore handled, and that it must consist of the whole company’s attempt and power, not just a single personal or department. There are primary renters of advancement that combination primary capabilities, ecological aspects, and control professions. Your results will most certainly differ but real advancement achievements comes from adopting your own natural strong points and originality, and then comprising business limitations to find alternatives to provide the market alerts being obtained (Mohr, Sanjit & Stanley 24).

            The New Samsung Galaxy S3 shows a wide range of exciting impressive functions. It follows the Universe S2, which had succeeded in the mobile market and which is why it has gone through a big advancement to live up to its compliment. The build of the S3 has a 4.8-inch Extremely AMOLED HD show. It is thin from back to front side, which creates it controllable to use. Its body has a shiny cover that creates the overall look better. The show is an enhancement as opposed to S2 with a high definition AMOLED show that gives successful shiny shades. The GS3 uses the newest edition of the Android operating system, which is the 4.0.4 Ice Lotion, which is said to be the best editions of Goggles’ operate system. The whole user interface of the OS has been remodeled and included awesome new functions such as face open up. The ICS also delivers new programs to the GS3 and contributes a few developments such as taking a show taken by cleaning the hands across the show. Operating features of the GS3 has gone via many developments and enhancements as well (McClure, Wallace& Scott 27).

            The new GS3 S-voice has a wide range of projects, which range from acknowledging speech instructions and executing the projects needed with the use of a suitable local program. The s-voice works with the Touch Wiz, which is used to create a new concept, switch, call or even show a climate prediction. It also helps in writing e-mails by forcing if the text/mail designed is precise and verifies if the customer wants it sent. The main operate of the s-voice is to help people who are active bring out projects without the need to surf through the cell phone himself. Another exciting impressive operate of the GS3 is the Intelligent Stay operate, which uses the top side camera to monitor the motions of the person’s sight. Whenever the customer is looking at the cell phone, Intelligent Say is able to recognize the customer and stops the show from being closed regardless if the secure is set at a specific time.

Blackberry 10: Surviving Innovation

Blackberry cell cellular phone 10 provides clients with Wi-Fi additions of both individual and executes messaging accounts. The Wi-Fi devices are regarded the main income stream of the RIM. Its attractive feature provides clients with the ease of receiving and sending Wi-Fi information and messages. It also allows clients to incorporate in the cell phone private information manager that synchronizes information from contacts, projects, schedules memorandums and such with the desktop program and web capability.

            In 1992, the first range of Blackberry cell cellular phones was introduced as a Wi-Fi handheld computer. Its cellular phones were equipped with voice and information signals, which lead to its achievements and demand. One of the strong points of the Blackberry cell cellular phones products is that its high customer commitment creates a lasting company, which enables RIM and Blackberry cell cellular phones to be an established brand. However,, the organization understands that one of its weak point is its creation of a narrow production. RIM is mostly dependent on the achievements of Blackberry cell cellular phones as their major item and they lack other products that could add to their consistent revenue (Michell 21).

            In range with this weak point, Blackberry cell cellular phones have designed a strong platform for item advancement. The first range of Blackberry’s came with a full QWERTY keyboard plus a black and while LCD display. It was a push technology that was regarded as an e-mail only item, which consistently and instantly tracks e-mails. Now, Blackberry’s are not just Smartphone’s, but they became colored screens as well. Unlike most Smartphone’s such as the iPhone or Samsung universe, the Blackberry cell cellular phones serves professionals and company managers more because it allows them to leave their notebooks because they is capable of doing the important projects they need with the cell phone.

            The Blackberry cell cellular phones have gone through several enhancements from style, look, and functions up to its Os. The new Blackberry cell cellular phones 10 that is launched this 2013 is not a restore or reprise, but it is initially designed from scratch. The item of a new production of Blackberry cell cellular phones and its OS 10 is designed on a QNX primary program, which gives clients with a completely new experience. The new version of the Blackberry cell cellular phones Messenger allows clients to movie call, movie chat and do display discussing. The new OS interface allows faster web browsing and improved social networking incorporation  (McClure, Wallace& Scott 34).

            The new Blackberry cell phones Hub offers clients with the capability to execute multi-tasking, which has the capability of running eight programs at the same time. The Blackberry cell cellular phones Balance allows clients to separate the functions of the cell phone for individual use and execute. This allows clients with the capability to differentiate programs suited for execute entertainment and individual use. The new OS 10 also supports 70 thousand programs, as compared to the old ones, which now provides clients with the chance to download programs without reducing down the device (Mohr, Sanjit & Stanley 33).

            Many experts state that Blackberry phones are falling down the industry because of its failure to differentiate its clients and it failure to innovate. RIM has lost sight of its clients because of its failure to contest with its primary clients. The value and company strong points of RIM failed to convert to client’s value because as its functions focused to the company clients it began pursuing popular clients as well. In addition, over the last five years, the Blackberry cell cellular phones became flat in their efforts to innovate. This was perhaps because of RIM’s confidence that they were unbeatable because of good products that they first launched (Michell 32).

            The failure of an organization to innovate comes from an internal harvested culture. The rapid pace of technological improvements and a free industry society forces companies to innovate because if not, they would not be able to catch up with the changing demands of the industry. Despite that, many experts say that RIM is losing its game in the cellular industry; the releasing of the new Blackberry cell cellular phones 10 might prove its ongoing willingness to fight in the mobile market (Kodama 62).


            Product advancement is essential for not just technical organizations, but all organizations as well because the modification in the styles of the industry will influence the client’s choices and requirements. Clients who do not succeed to innovate will not endure the modifying periods. Apple’s iPhone over the decades has gone via a sequence of developments, as it was able to capture up and control the cell phone industry. However, its newest advancement was more of a “remake” since there were no any significant developments seen. It stays to its patter of disruptive advancement as some of its new functions control the industry.  However, the New Samsung Galaxy S3 shown its place in the marketplace, as there were many recognizable changes from its products. New Samsung has done a spectacular job in enhancing its product and guaranteeing that it does not dissatisfy the requirements of its clients (McClure, Wallace& Scott 57).

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