Technology Article Review on A Survey of 5G Network

Technology Article Review on A Survey of 5G Network

Authored by Akhil Gupta and Rakesh Kumar, the article, “A Survey of 5G Network: Architecture and Emerging Technologies,” surveys the architecture and the emerging technologies associated with 5G network; a wireless network of the near future aimed at offsetting the setbacks of the current 4G or lower generation networks such as 3G and 2G. The article extends beyond surveying these next-level wireless network technologies; it proposes network architecture for the 5G cellular technology with platforms where other associated technologies such as device-to-device communication (D2D) and cloud network can be incorporated. Basically, this can be achieved by incorporating various ideas on these technologies and grounding them on the evolutionary developments of the wireless networking technology.

The article provides technical insights into the 5G network including its architecture and the various mathematical models. It also gives a technical comparison of the four standards of 5G network recently developed, focusing on their frequency, range, modulation scheme, and channel bandwidth among others. In addition, the authors propose a general architecture of a 5G wireless network integrated with other futuristic technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), D2D communication, cloud network, and massive MIMO network (Gupta and Kumar 1212). Technical details of these technologies are explained using mathematical calculations and technical connectivity diagrams. Noting that the proposed massive MIMO network can help in tackling nefarious activities such as jamming, the authors show how these technical functionalities will be achieved using mathematical models.

The 5G wireless networking is a revolutionary idea with a huge potential of transforming wireless communication and other networking platforms such as cloud networking. Its potential capability of overcoming the setbacks associated with the current wireless networking options such as high latency rates, low data transfer capacity, and low data rates, will improve data sharing (Li et al. 3). Essentially, the research provides a crucial foundation for future research into how problems associated with future technologies in the field can be projected and tackled beforehand, and it is one of the reasons which interested me in the paper. It tackles a fundamental topic that is set to revolutionize future wireless communications and data sharing. The detailed coverage with architectural diagrams gives researchers a platform for making projections on future problematic areas. I am enthusiastic about futuristic technologies like the 5G technology since they have the potential of addressing the current challenges. As a technology student with future aspirations of carrying out scientific researches, this paper offers me a deep insight on some of the areas to specialize in. It also provides me with knowledge and technological gaps where I can focus on as an aspiring inventor.

The objectively written and well-referenced paper expands my knowledge on key concepts of wireless networking. First, it offers strong background knowledge on the evolutionary development of wireless networking from 2G to the futuristic 5G network. The mathematical models and architecture, operational details, and potential benefits associated with the 5G wireless networking significantly increased my knowledge on the wireless networking. In addition, the paper expanded my knowledge on the various technologies associated with 5G networking, including device-to-device (D2D) communication, cloud networking, and massive MIMO. By providing the technical architectures, diagrams, and mathematical models, the authors ensured that the audience gained knowledge on these important technologies beyond the narratives. My knowledge on these technologies now has a mathematical and technical grounding.


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