Equilibrium Exchange Rate Equilibrium exchange rate refers the rate where currency supply meets demand of that same currency. Since foreign exchange rate is affected by several factors, equilibrium exchange rate is also influenced by factors of demand and supply. Therefore, equilibrium is achieved when the demand of a currency is equal to supply. Consequently, this
Factors Affecting Foreign Exchange Rate Foreign exchange rate is always dynamic and it affects every sector of life. The economic health of a country is influenced by its current exchange rate. Consequently, it is important to understand some of the factors that affect foreign exchange rate. Interest rates When the interest rate of a country

Sample Essay on Fixed Exchange Rate

Fixed Exchange Rate Fixed exchange rate is at timed known as pegged exchange rate and it’s a kind of regime where the value of the currency is fixed against the currency of another country to another value measure like gold. This kind of currency is used for purposes of stabilizing the value of one currency

Sample Essay on Floating Exchange Rate

Floating Exchange Rate Floating exchange rate is also known as fluctuating exchange rate and it refers to a kind of exchange rate system  through which the currency value is given time to fluctuate in accordance to the market foreign exchange. A currency using floating currency is commonly referred to floating currency and it is contrasted
5-Step Decision-Making Process Mastering good-decision making is important in business because everything is about decisions. Organizations make profits or losses because of their respective decision. Thus, one has to learn the best method that offers the best solutions. It is worthy noting that stepwise decision-making is not inherent but people acquire it through experience. However,
5-Step Problem Solving Process Life is a paradox of solving problems. Whether in business or politics, people confront varying challenges daily? Thus, there is need to have a straightforward way of solving such issues whenever they arise. A good approach in problem solving ensures that you identify the cause of the problem and if your
Buyer Decision Process for New Products Whether conscious or unconscious buying is a process, which consumers go through when acquiring products. The process has different stages that allow the buyer to make the final decision. It is important to note that the length of the process largely depends on the nature of the product in
New Product Adoption Process Model How does a company introduce a new product in the market? How will consumers adopt the product? These are important questions for marketers whenever introducing a new product. Essentially, they need to identify classes, in which their adopters fall. This adoption process is also called the Diffusion of Innovation. It
Reverse Repurchase Agreement Reverse repurchase agreement refers to a type of agreement on purchase of securities upon the agreement to resell them at a high price at a future date. For the trader selling and agreeing they will purchase it in the near future, it is known as a repo while for the party buying

Stock Repurchase Agreement Essay

Stock Repurchase Agreement A stock repurchase agreement is used for purposes of buying stocks back from trader/stockholder. This type of agreement can also be used by an individual who owns stock in a particular company and they are interested in selling it back. Before making an agreement on a stock repurchase agreement, it is advisable