The increasing number of deaths and other untreatable health implications emanating from errors made by nurses while gathering and analyzing patients’ records has necessitated the introduction and implementation of the Electronic Health Records program. The program seeks to increase the value of care and safety in healthcare facilities across the world. By automating how patients’
Sub-Saharan African (SSA) civilization is a process that began in the medieval African communities, specifically between 1500 BC and A.D. 700. The process of civilization in the SSA was characterized by a shift from hunting and gathering as in the traditional communities to more organized livelihoods such as the practice of agriculture. Various factors have
Once a fearsome being featured in different fairytale and legends, ‘the witch’ been part of human history for antiquity in nearly every culture across the globe at a particular time. Currently, the term ‘witch’ represents a feared side of the female presence who has powers that may not be controlled by anyone. Nonetheless, these has
Sample Article Review on “high sense of power” When one of the greatest challenges managers face in effecting organizational change is employees’ assimilation of change values. Written by professionals drawn from different universities, this article focuses on some of the factors that determine organizational citizenship behavior of employees within the context of their change orientation.
Article Review on‘The Copy Cat’ and ‘the Idol’ Comparison The article, ‘The Copy Cat’ and ‘the Idol’ have various similarities. They both discus the effects of television media in a spread of cultures. The article on the copycat portrays television as the major means upon which almost all contemporary cultures are spread all over the
CAM Therapeutic Modalities Paper Comparison and contrast of conventional current regulations and oversights existing in the United Sates and nonconventional medicine In recent years, conventional medicine in the United States is proving ineffective for a significant proportion of chronic diseases, and this is worsened by the fact that its primary focus is on addressing immediate
International Relations Paper Rethinking Imperial Power in Global Times Attributable to a growth rate of about ten percent in the recent years, China has attracted global consideration and become the object of deep assessment due to the manner in which it has realized a swift and striking ascension of the intercontinental group table of fiscal
Abstract Several law enforcement organizations started taking note of their employees’ stress signs as early 1970s. Stress can have adverse implication on police officers’ job performance and their personal lives, thus also affecting those around them, for instance, family members and members of the public. Since police officers are part of the first team that
Communication Problems in a Clinic Introduction Communication is an integral part in any organization. Communication can be either horizontal or vertical (McClure & Montague, 2013). Free flow of information allows increased accountability from staff and leadership in healthcare facilities. Further, communication, both verbal and non-verbal is vital for organizational success. Notably, organizational leadership should embrace
The Interstellar The interstellar movie is built on a theory of change and habitability issues. Natural resources found on earth are headed for depletion, an action that poses a threat to habitation. Pressure is amounted on the few resources that are there. Thus, there isa need to look for another planet thatwill host human beings.