Systems and Process Approach Versus a Person-Dependent Approach to Nursing

Systems and Process Approach Versus a Person-Dependent Approach to Nursing

In my clinical career, I have experienced the home health care system. It is a system where care is provided to individuals at their homes. The service delivery encompasses effective communication between the practitioners and the physicians. Home health care services include nursing care and medical social services. The objective of such a system is to improve and maintain the quality of health of the patients.

Patients’ needs and preferences have gradually been changing in a way that the patients have the responsibility of being active participants in home health care delivery. To transform the home health care approach from person-dependent to process-dependent, I would change my views and perspectives about the values and wishes of the patients and their families. As such, I would appreciate, consider, and incorporate patients’ and families’ values into the home health care process. Moreover, the care team plays a significant role in the home health care delivery (Ellenbecker, Samia, Cushman, & Alster, 2008). This team is made up of the physicians and other skilled health professionals. To transform the aspect of the care team from the person-dependent approach to process-dependent, I would encourage the adaptation of a team-based care health delivery system where each one’s efforts are  appreciated.

Transforming the home health care approach to process approach is of great importance in the delivery of care. Appreciating the patients’ and their families’ values and wishes enable active participation in the care delivery process as well as helping in the effective decision-making amongst the parties involved (Ellenbecker, Samia, Cushman, & Alster, 2008). Team-based care approach enables quick and quality care delivery thereby improving the trust and confidence of the patients on the practitioners.

Overall, the quality care improvement is a responsibility of each professional involved in the home health care process. Everyone needs to be engaged in all the day-to-day activities of the process to achieve its goals. Moreover, efforts of individuals involved in the home health care system need to be appreciated.



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