Statement of Purpose for the Master in Higher Education at Harvard School of Education

I chose the master program offered by HGSE because the university has a history of producing some of the world’s leading professionals across numerous beyond management. Harvard University has a rich history of nurturing talents and developing all-rounded leaders who go on to spearhead positive change in their respective fields. Moreover, the institution has a flexible yet intensive program whose timeframe and delivery suits my current schedule and aspirations. As indicated by Francesca Purcell who is a senior lecturer for the program, a Master’s in Education at the University will enable me critically analyze issues in education while also propelling me to higher leadership positions (HGSE). During my time working at the university, I have witnessed firsthand the acclaimed greatness of the institution, including its cultural diversity, and I aspire to join this conveyor belt. Nonetheless, I believe that my insight into the management of higher education institutions is inadequate despite my Master’s degree in General Management and undergraduate studies in management, economics, marketing, and communication. I believe Harvard University’s program will tremendously improve my management skills. Through the program, I think I will gain the right tools and support to strengthen my current foundation in management studies.

My affinity for management is rooted in my upbringing. As a child, I took a keen interest in my parent’s demeanor, especially in home settings. Successful managers in their own respect in different capacities, my parents insisted on planning and managing our time and schedules. They are perfectionists and go-getters who are ready to do the most they can to ensure that they manage situations, time, and resources meticulously to achieve their goals. Even though I took up Social and Behavioral Sciences studies during my undergraduate program, my master’s degree studies in general management, and later, my job experience pushed me to explore higher education administration and management. I decided to apply for a Master in Higher Education degree at Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) to realize my dream of becoming transformative world-class management professional.

As a graduate student at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, I specialized in management-related fields such as communication, marketing, and economics. My undergraduate studies broadened my grasp of management as a profession and its interconnectedness with different fields. Additionally, I horned my analytical, critical, interpersonal, and leadership skills. I also interacted with students from different backgrounds, which enabled me to appreciate the importance of diversity within learning institutions and even workplaces. My understanding of management and higher education administration was further boosted during my master’s degree studies at Plymouth State University’s College of Business Administration and my job experiences. Since 2014, I have worked at Harvard Medical School, Office for Diversity and Community Partnership (DICP) and served as Program Coordinator and Interim Program Manager for Visiting Research Internship Program (VRIP). The program is aimed at mentored medical students in clinical research, among others (Harvard Medical School, n.pag). Managing and coordinating the activities of the program granted me the opportunity to interact with students from different countries and cultures. The experience shaped my management and leadership philosophies and belief systems, especially on the importance of globalization and diversity in the successful management of learning institutions.

I have also worked as a management intern at The Media Education Foundation, where I was tasked with overseeing the company’s marketing and production initiatives. I am currently serving as a volunteer and marketing assistant for Sneakers for Success. Here, I have successfully overseen sneakers in marketing campaigns and programs. My experiences since joining these organizations have deepened my understanding of higher education management, including theories of management and best practices. They have also ignited a strong desire in me to become a professional in the field while doubling my admiration of Harvard University as a world-class learning institution.

If given a chance to study for a master’s degree at HGSE, I will strive to acquire management skills that are aligned with the current age of information. I will develop my leadership skills and impact others within the profession and beyond by championing for evidence-based practices aided by technology. Besides, as a management professional, I aspire to strengthen my skill set, knowledge, and awareness of management trends, especially within higher education settings globally. I also intend to build on my current experience and academic background to rise to senior levels of management. For instance, I aspire to serve as a Dean at Harvard University. I also plan to contribute to policy development and research, particularly when it comes to higher education management and administration.

I look forward to starting and completing this intellectual journey at Harvard University Graduate School of Education (HGSE). I also commit to abide by the rules and regulations of the University while also working closely with the staff and fellow students for the better of the institution and the world at large. At this point in my career and professional development, furthering my management studies at HGSE comes naturally because of the institution’s program is aligned with my professional goals. Besides, I have already established a healthy relationship with the institution having worked in the Office for Diversity and Community Partnership (DICP) since 2014. I promise to work tirelessly to achieve my dreams when given an enrolment chance into the program.




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