Sociology Sample Essay on Broader Social Changes in Behaviors

Broader Social Changes in Behaviors

In the past years, same-sex marriage or homosexuality was considered an abomination and unthinkable act within the society. However, it is currently categorized under the acceptable behaviors in most states, although it has not been fully accepted in all areas. Because of this, there has been a change in the way the behavior has been labeled from a deviant behavior to an acceptable. This is largely a consequence of the broader social changes that have occurred within certain communities. Some of these are the increased rate of interactions between different races, tribes, and ethnic groups. As such, there has been an increased level of awareness in relation to the causes of same-sex inclinations towards marriage. Individuals are beginning to realize that homosexuality is not a result of choice but the consequence of natural orientation.

The key parties that were involved in this shift are the homosexuals who have been fighting for their own rights for a long time. They have been greatly supported by scientists, researchers, and medical personnel who are making the conditions understandable to other people. As a result, some persons have been greatly disadvantaged by this change in perspective about same-sex marriages. They include the heterosexuals who are inclined towards opposite sex marriages. The religious leaders are also affected due to the compromise on religious values. The shift in social perception about this behavior has brought a major rift to the society. This is caused by the view that the acceptance of homosexuality within the society will lead to deviation from social norms. Most of those involved are convincing even those who are not naturally inclined towards the behavior.