Essay Assignment on Sheraton Service Promise Program

Sheraton Service Promise Program

 Starwood’s goal in redesigning of Sheraton Service Promise is to get rid of the poor services as well as fix any problems that might arise in the future. To make the situation right, they compensate some of the guests for delays. Investment in more than $1 billion to the Sheraton Project is a clear indication of the intensity of the matter and need to meet the service criteria. In addressing customer’s priorities, Sheraton Service Promise guarantees the guests an exceptional stay, which is free from disturbances. In case it does not happen as intended, the guests are assured of compensation for defection or inconveniencies caused in the course of their stay at the hotel.

Implementation of the renovation process suggests that few cases of inconveniences, such as slow checkout, heating problems and miss of bathroom amenities will be addressed. As a result, there will be few cases of compensation. Consequently, it will help Starwood in minimizing the costs incurred as a result of poor performance in catering for the guests. Rectification of slow services, noise, and improvement of food quality will build the reputation of Sheraton. Aligning internal processes with organization goals help eliminate appraisal, internal, prevention and external failure costs.

Implementation of the service program as depicted in this case is expensive and discourages firms from adopting the strategy. The Six Sigma Program would necessitate well-paid managers and intensive training. The speed, efficiency, and empathy may alter organization activities since all the three ought to be followed in the implementation of service program. Competing firms may cite the potential house abuse guarantee as another reason implementing the program would not be an easy task.  Contrary, entities may also implement Business Process Improvement