Sample Theology Essay Paper on Qualities of a heroic leader

A heroic leader is one who seeks to uplift and edify his subordinates because they
themselves possess traits that bolster transformation. For a leader to be regarded as a hero, he
should be able to take great risks, make sacrifices, and perform exceptionally good deeds. In
other words, he should not compromise on ethics and appropriateness. Principles of heroism
ground heroic leadership which is the apogee of leadership. Qualities of a heroic leader are
clearly demonstrated by characters in the stories as follows:
A heroic leader should be blameworthy and show valor acts. In the story 'Marwe in the
underworld', Marwe's brother exhibited fortitude. This means that he was accountable for his
actions. Marwe's brother took the initiative to go back home and report the incident that
happened in the bean fields. This was a brave act because he had the strength of the mind and
guts to go back home without considering the consequences involved. Besides, a heroic leader
should portray humanitarianism and be a stunt person. Marwe exhibited altruism quality and
acumen. She was in a position to decide what she wanted for herself as far as her social life was
concerned. Despite the many suitors who declared their intentions to her, she still chose Sawoye
despite having the skin disease condition.
A heroic leader needs to be Insightful and Intelligent. Sayadio a character in the story
'Sayadio in the land of the dead’ had qualities of a heroic leader. Sayadio had the determination
to bring back the sister from the land of the spirits having grieved her for some time. This was

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not going to be an easy task because it required one to be tactful in executing the plan. He,
therefore, heeds the advice about the secrets of the spirit world as directed by a wise man. While
in the spirit world, he again turned to Tarenyawagon, the spiritual master of ceremonies for
advice. Fortunately, he succeeded to return to the village with his sister's spirit in a gourd. This
means that he was not only a shrewd individual but also a go-getter.
Further, a heroic leader needs to be Inventive, flexible, candor, and also practice
impartiality. 'The story of two brothers', Akaiyan demonstrated those qualities in several ways.
After being abandoned by the brother Nopatsis on an island while they were busy collecting
feathers for their arrows over accusations that he had an affair with his wife, Akaiyan decides to
think critically to find ways for survival. First, he builds a shelter from the branches and made a
bed from the feathers. That was so wise of him. Although he was lonely, he gladly accepted the
He then explained straightforwardly explained to The Beaver what befell him. The
Beaver sympathized with him and decide to help him where he could. In this case, he helped him
gain supernatural powers. Akaiyan was fortunate enough because the unexpected happened when
his brother came back to the island. He portrayed impartiality by treating his brother the way he
deserved. Clearly, it was payback time and his brother reaped what he sows.
Mostly, heroic leaders learn various qualities required in leadership while at it regardless
of whether to some point they were born leaders. In their efforts to do things differently, they
need to be courageous, self-disciplined, and consider many people's interests. Also, they ought to
be tolerant of stressful situations; observe competence, be goal-oriented, and energetic.

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