Sample Technology Responses on Online Learning

Post 1: Hand

Online learning is fast being embraced in society today. Technology including computer and the Internet play a crucial when it comes to online learning. I do agree that technology in online learning can be used for purposes such as writing. Like every other form of learning, I cannot deny that online learning faces numerous challenges. For instance, there is the case where some online learners have minimal or no access to technology.

Post 2: Darrell Tribble

Everyone in the educational context is committed to realizing the goal of diversity. A type of diversity that instructors focus on is linguistic diversity that has seen learners introduced to new and foreign languages. In fact, technology has been used with the aim of helping to speed the realization of this objective. Unfortunately, various challenges have been faced in the process including the lack of physical resources such as computer hardware or software, desk, unqualified teachers, and the lack of desire from relevant state and federal government authorities to provide resources. I concur with the statement that in their attempt to accommodate and promote diversity, instructors must focus on and be informed about the problems existing in the community. I believe that the greatest focus should be on the lack of technological resources if the challenges facing the push to accommodate diversity are to be resolved.


Post 3: Asma

We cannot ignore the fact that the push to accommodate and promote diversity in learning contexts comes with numerous challenges. Instructors are well-placed when it comes to addressing these challenges. In this line, I agree with you that instructors should have different perceptions of learners; that they have different bases of knowledge. This knowledge may revolve around how technology is used. Other ideas such as respecting students, avoiding stereotyping, and not judging the students could also be fundamental to the promotion of diversity in learning.