Sample Technology Paper on software development life cycle model

Module 6 Discussion 2: Planning The Systems Requirements Process

The purpose of this discussion is to develop a proposed project plan for Scale2’s requirements development process that identifies the key events necessary and shows how they will be sequenced to achieve the Scale2 project goals within the parameters of the software development life cycle model that the team has selected.


develop an initial plan for the systems requirements process for the Scale2 project.

This means that you are focusing on planning the systems requirements lifecycle, not the whole systems lifecycle.  This is not an exercise in setting up fancy Microsoft Project tables. Instead, we are looking for your ideas on what events need to happen and in what order to ensure that the relevant systems requirements activities are performed. Explain your rationale for the following:

  • Your sequence of events and the key deliverables at each milestone (e.g., charter)
  • When you will make your decision about methodology to be used (waterfall, agile) and when you would be able to decide that (at what point in your sequence of events)
  • The number of interviews you plan to conduct, and with whom and when
  • Your method for validating the requirements and when the specific activities will be performed.
  • Any assumptions or constraints (e,g., what standards will be followed, how much access you will have to stakeholders, what documents will be consulted).


 Initial/Original Post

Your responses to this discussion prompt must be no fewer than 300 words (per question). Include at least two (2) scholarly citations from a scholarly literature in APA format. Your response must have a clear, well-formulated thesis; sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and spelling count. Your response should be insightful, thoughtful, and analytical.