Sample Technology Paper on Is the Internet Good or Bad for Society?

In modern society, it is hard to imagine life without the internet. The information server has transformed the way people carry out their daily businesses and has permeated the current community. People can access the World Wide Web through phones, tablets, and laptops. Opponents of the information superhighway still believe that it is not trustworthy and reliable because of the ease of access to personal information. Despite such negative comments, the internet has been resourceful to people from various perspectives.

Some people believe that the internet is prone to misinformation. What is wrong with individuals?! They are using the information superhighway to spread inappropriate content! According to PCMag Staff (2018), the downsides of the World Wide Web include “malware, fake news, and cyberbullying.” Individuals fear that the internet can enable cybercriminals-if such malicious beings exist-to access their personal information. The major problem is trying to control individuals spreading inappropriate content to impressionable and vulnerable audiences. As more businesses focus on improving online customer accounts’ security, such accounts’ hacking remains a serious risk (PCMag Staff, 2018). To this end, spreading inappropriate content demonstrates the downside of the internet.

However, the internet has several benefits that outweigh its negative side. The information superhighway has become an enormous library where people can easily access any high-quality and reliable information of their choice. According to PCMag Staff (2018), outcomes were more positive when participants answered questions if the World Wide Web has benefitted them; 88% approved it, which was lower by 2% compared to 2014. Wagner (2018) said, “The internet is great for many things.” Wagner (2018) adds that the information server supports the growth of various tech giants that are not limited to Amazon and Facebook. Therefore, the internet has mainly been beneficial to individuals and businesses, showing that it is doing more good than harm.

In conclusion, the World Wide Web has largely transformed people and businesses in contemporary settings, making society beneficial. People are giving credit to the internet: it has done more good than harm. It is acting as a library and has helped several businesses to prosper. It has become a vital tool in the global transformation, with some companies and personal activities becoming almost dependent on it.



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