Sample Technology Paper on Internet

The world is nowadays connected to a large network of computers popularly known as the internet. Multiple computers are connected hence creating an easy way of transferring and sharing information through a transmission language called the Internet Protocol or Transmission Control Protocol. The two are abbreviated as IP/TCP respectively. The communication is just but one area that the internet has significantly transformed globally. The internet and its vast networks all over the world have countless advantages. However, it has its own negative side. It lacks central authority. This has been a catalytic factor to challenges that result from the internet. The solution to avoid long-term escalation of these problems is simply addressing them now. Some of these challenges associated with the Internet are discussed below.

Most of the time, people are seen either on their phones, computers, or tablets. They are mostly online due internet addiction. When the use of the Internet is not regulated, obsessions, desires, and behavior towards it may result in negative health effects such as impairment and stress. The youngsters are the most affected as they use the internet for playing online games and social media. Compared to female teenagers, males are the most affected. For instance, some games available online such as Nintendo or Sega are best suited to male youngsters between the ages 8 and 14 years (Drager & Reichle, 2010).Unlike past times where people used to play with each other physically, games nowadays are online, and the internet allows the players to play games with other virtual players. Monks in 2005 document a report that showed how children spend time at home. The report indicated “parents in the Annenberg survey report that children between the age of 2 and 17 years in homes with computers spend approximately two hours a day on computers mostly playing computer games” (Monks, 2005). Ideally, parents are lured to believe that their kids are busy completing assignments online while in reality, they may not be doing so.


Meanwhile, the effects of online games have been established to be mild to all people including children. The Effect on Achievement of a Home and School Computer Project is an article by McInerney and Miller in which they explain the effects of computer games. The games lead to poor performance in class especially to those obsessed with them.  At the same time, these games improve the competitiveness of a person by exposing him to the real world. The effects are more serious in developed nations as compared to developing nations (Ramsay, 2015). Other repercussions include health hazards such as stress, Asperger’s syndrome and physical impairment. However, a solution to this problem exists. The parents should monitor actively what their kids are doing when they go to the internet. Some rules may also help to regulate internet use by the kids. For example, a parent should advise the kid that if they catch them using the internet inappropriately, he or she will be denied to have the gadget with him.


Similarly, a solution for the adults exists. They should look at the internet in a different but positive perspective. The internet can be used for other constructive work such as entertainment source, business and for leisure purposes.  When the parents start using the internet constructively, it is likely that their children will also do the same. This is a fact based on the reality that kids copy and imitate what the adults do.

The internet addiction makes the children believe that the internet is so important. Boredom may make them believe that life is not interesting. However, the parents have a duty to show the kids that life is indeed good and interesting. Making them do activities such as reading books, hiking, cooking, etc. will make them see life in a multifaceted way. They should be involved in daily chores such as working in the garden, cleaning and caring for pets. The parents should take such time as an opportunity to explain to the kids that such activities help them to have both mental and physical health. Appreciating them for their input is an important motivational factor. Such activities are important as they are solutions to negative effects of internet addiction.

Social media is among internet products that have changed the society. The culture and business are among the areas that social media has empowered. Despite its positive influence, it has its negative side. It has eroded our culture due to the globalization. People spend time on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. The need to get global access has made people addicted to social media. These sites make people expose their personal matters hence jeopardizing their security. For example, research on social media shows that a there is inconsistency in what we call actual privacy setting and the privacy concerns. Social media lures people to visit sites that are of no help to them (Lenhart A. Madden M. & Hitlin P. 2005). Increased access to the internet poses a threat to data security. Social media has facilitated individuals to get access to data from various organization hence facilitating vandalism, fraud, and theft (Boyd D. & Ellison N. 2008 210-230). In industries, productivity decrease as employees spends a lot of time on social media in the expense of work.

Internet use has posed a great threat to the security of data. It is now easily tampered with. A good solution to this includes setting up validation passwords to every site that is online. This will limit unauthorized access to some sites, and it will act as a short-term solution to the hacking problem as other feasible solutions are sought. It is a short term solution given the increasing development on the internet will render the security measures put in place useless like Megdalia asserts (2010, 389). As a user, one way to reduce privacy issue is to avoid visiting sites that are irrelevant and not legitimate.

The Internet also corrupts morals, especially of the young generation. Sexually explicit images are easily exchanged amongst individual through emails, texts, etc. Social media sites have become channels through which such immoral content is exchanged through posts and sharing. The young generation has adopted modes of dressing that they see and find on the internet. Albert Bandura explains this kind of behavior is as a result of the observational learning. He denotes that simulation and social learning are two aspects that change the way individuals behave (Holt, 2009). This explains why the young generation easily adopts behavior from the internet.

Embracing behaviors from the internet is as a result of poor parenting. Parent work all day to put food on the table and cater for other basic needs such as clothing, education, and health. The have limited time if any, with their kids. They miss an opportunity where they can guide them.  The children are hence left on their own to learn and experience the world. Unfortunately, they pick bad behaviors, and the parents are surprised when they learn that their kids have problems. The parents, in this case, are the ones who are failing. They ought to take their responsibility and guide their children. Future will be defined by the young kids today. Instilling good values will make them good for the benefit of the future. Lambert (2013, 145). When the kid is addicted to pornography on the internet, he or she may solicit for sex on the internet. If it has gone this far, the kid accompanied by his or her parents should seek a professional solution from a psychologist. If the matter is left without being solved, it worsens, and this is the reason why a psychologist is the best option.

Altogether, the internet is among the positive developments to the society. Nevertheless, it is important to use it cautiously. The problems of the internet are real, and hence solutions should be developed. Moral degradation and addiction to the internet are among the major problems that require urgent solution. Also, internet games pose problems despite having some importance during the development of children. It is important to assess the relationship between aggressive games that kids enjoy playing and their aggression. This is to uncover if the games influence the kids to become violent. Formal education is also a solution that is likely to educate people on how to use the internet positively. It educates people on opportunities that internet has and the ones that can constructively change their lives. For example, if one establishes a business, social media can be used to market it as it reaches many people. This is a constructive use of social media as compared to spreading morally wrong pictures and text messages. The education should be inclusive rather than exclusive as the problem of the internet is common to all people irrespective of their age. Therefore, the intent has positive and negative impacts. It is upon every person to make sure that he or she uses the Internet in a constructive manner.


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