Sample Technology Paper on Designing a Secure Network

Designing a Secure Network

System design analysis

            The plans that comes with expansion are quite enormous and meticulous implementation and design inspection has to be done to ensure that the system functions as per the security requirements. Tammy and Joe therefore have a huge responsibility in reducing the risks that are more probable to be encountered while expanding their crowdsourcing business. For one, the GPS installation comes in handy in ensuring the location of the salespersons involved and tracking their mileage and work practices. However, there are newer technologies that can beat the GPS and this gives both Tammy and Joe the responsibility of identifying such technologies that beat their systems and sourcing for ways of beating them.

However, the provision of mobile phones, and computer tabletsto salespersons in not sufficient. There has to be some sort of a control and monitor program, therefore, there has to be an installation of inspection systems which ensure that individuals get paid according to the number of hours that are worked(Skogestad&Postlethwaite, 2007). Failure to meet such, may lead to unexpected additional expenses being incurred by the crowdsourcing organization. Moreover, the network systems of the destinations which are portended have to be put into consideration and internet access provided where fitness is deemed.

There has to be a consideration made with regards to the security of the system. A perfect system design is that which necessitates for minor adjustments, that is, the design has to be flexible. The system in mind so far by both Tammy and Joe only serves as a skeleton and is vulnerable to lots of insecurities because it is still rigid in nature. For the crowdsourcing expansion to be effective, there has to be a detailed outline on such things as BigDatamanagement systems, inspection systems that necessitates the use of feedback control systems. Clarify aspects such as dealing with hackers and virus control and proper web development. Therefore, Tammy and Joe’s systems design do not meet security requirements. The figure below shows the basic procedure of building a system and the various stages that are deemed necessary in the system building and analysis. Tammy and Joe’s systems design have to conform to the procedures that are hereby stated.

Fig 1.0 procedure of building a system

The most important outcome of a system design and implementation is the ability of a system to function. Therefore, the implementation phase should be practical with prototypes that actually work failure to which, the entire project is to be started afresh. In the case of Tammy and Joe, the system specifications and the expanse of the entire implementation of the crowdsourcing knowledge is limited in some ways with respect to knowledge, computer control and coding. There has to be some sort of a written program showing the exact language to be used by the operators and the BigData management system has to be effective and free from possible breach.

Request for a new system is what has been projected by Tammy and Joe in terms of their request for a crowdsource which serves many countries internationally. In this stage, there ought to be a detailed analysis of some of the systems that are used by such countries and their flaws noted so that the crowdsourcing system that is to be expanded by Joe and Tammy beats the entire operation. Therefore, both feasibility and pre – feasibility study must be conducted by the various personnel in terms of assessing the possible impact of installation of such a system in a new country(Skogestad&Postlethwaite, 2007). Competition can only be beaten by conducting research and identifying client needs that are not being met in the market along with the weaknesses of the potential clients then using such knowledge to come up with systems that are better and uses updated software and hardware.

Expansion to venture in other countries for the purpose of offering services similar to those in a specific country is a huge risk. Tammy and Joe, have to meet with experts and assess the possible impact of investing in other countries and gauge the level of competition that they are more likely to face. Garages are required in all countries that motor vehicles are available. Terrific tools can only achieve success after careful evaluation of the business environment in terms of which specific cars are most popular in the specific countries such as Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Tammy and Joe Terrific have to therefore become very flexible in terms of their purchase of tools and consider hiring specialists.

Moreover, there are misgivings when it comes to the financial standing of Tammy and Joe Terrific. The mere mention of a “few hundred thousand dollars” does not sound plausible to open a business venture in the three countries (Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean) simultaneously. Success is therefore highly pegged on breaking even of the business. Setting up Terrific Tools in a new country means; setting up a supply chain management system, employment of relevant personnel, setting up a building for the business venture or payment of rent, setting up inventory control systems, installing specific machines for specific cars and selection of a prime location that makes it easy to tap the target group. The capital requirement in such a procedure is high and therefore, it might be best for both Tammy and Joe Terrific to go step by step. For example, after investing in Canada till the business breaks even, Terrific tools company may use the gained experience to expand to the Caribbean after which jumping to Mexico becomes easier.

Nevertheless, the name of an organization can also be an asset to its own growth and development. Joe and Tammy Terrific have to ensure that their company name earns a good reputation among the respective clients and such names sound appealing enough to allow them to invest in other countries. Some companies that have used their company names as a brand for the purpose of increasing their market demand and creating some sort of a monopoly for their products are general motors, Volkswagen, general electric, just to name a few.

Deep – seated assessment of Tammy and Joe Terrific’s Terrific Tools garage assessment reveals that their insecurities outweigh the various merits that they bear. For one, their plan does not show greater analysis of the areas that they intend to venture in, that is, Canada, Mexico, and Caribbean. Secondly, the systems that they intend to install in the countries as a security measure only point to the 2200 GPS systems that are to be installed and does not show a detailed financial implication of the business venture. Moreover, Joe and Tammy have not identified the relevant personnel to assist them in familiarizing themselves with the business environment and market trends in the markets that they intend to expand to. Therefore, the company faces a bigger risk of lack of Intel and detailed information, the only sure way to succeed in this case would be in terms of conducting meticulous research with respect to the various markets targeted(Skogestad&Postlethwaite, 2007).

Controls available to enhance the security of a specific system design within an international organization

            The controls that have been availed as per the plan of Tammy and Joe Terrific is the installation of the GPS systems. These controls are sound in that the location and practices of the salespersons can be identified and pinpointed by the international organizations in the entire globe. The tablet computers and mobile phones only serve as communication devices utilizing feedback control system(Ogata, 2001). However, more controls have to be installed in order to ensure security of the entire system.

According to fig 1.0 the next step after system design analysis is feasible solution and system requirement. This comes just before the system design. In the design analysis of Tammy and Joe Terrific’s Terrific Tools Company, it can be deduced that the system design plan does not beat security breaches. This therefore means that proceeding to the actual design will be costly in terms of both finances and time because the probability of system failure is high. For example, in the respective countries that the two aim to expand (Canada, Caribbean and Mexico) there has been no mention of tracking down finances of the business. Finances are the most important facets in a business besides the customer. A business without a well laid out financial plan is deemed for failure. Cash inflows and outflows within Terrific Tools Company ought to be monitored and managed in order to avoid chances of financial misappropriation that may lead to increased probability of business failure. This project therefore still stands at the idea generation stage.

There should be financial control systems that are user friendly and are free from the access of the hackers and bloggers. The crowd source so far lack a solid financial plan. The success of an online platform is heavily dependent on meticulous financial planning that is aimed at achieving organization of systems and their well-functioning. The acquisition of the inventory control systems, materials handling equipment, manual and skilled labour, along with internet connection charges have to show a well laid out financial plan as well as a desired level of profitability that is more likely to be achieved.

The various strategies that are implemented at Terrific tooling should be aimed at promoting the success of the business venture in terms of increasing revenue and profits. The security that is present in the system design as projected by both Tammy and Joe is in terms of a plan to make the idea expand. However, the design should be flexible enough to allow for design changes and future desire for expansion of the business venture in the desired destinations. A plan thus acts as a skeleton to the entire design plan in an international organization, the soundness of the plans and strategies that are laid out directly correlate to the success of the business venture and the opportunities that are presented.

Moreover, the international organization should install security software to deal with the viruses, hackers and bloggers to sufficiently conduct operations. Other than mobile communication and computers, there should be such aspects as teleconferencing to ensure the management is in touch with the employees hence there is both upward and downward communication success. Joe and Tammy Terrific should work towards employing skilled web developers and competent multi – skilled staff that can participate in all aspects of Terrific Tools garage’s operations. The competence of the staff is majorly concerned with stopping the dangers that may be posed by generalists who do not have skill in a particular field. Though the effect of such generalists may seem less costly in the short run, but their effect in terms of slowing down the growth of the organization is a big blow on the profits realized by the organization. Therefore, it is better to employ specialists who are very skilled in the organization to foster the break – even of the business organization.

Recommendations to mitigate vulnerabilities discovered through functional testing

The success of any business venture is based on taking “calculated risks”. This means that the strategies that are employed in the various organizations should serve in the route of meeting the overall organizational goal of profit maximization. In the case of Tammy and Joe, a much updated calculated plan has to come in handy during the implementation stage so as to ensure that the success of the entire venture is intact. The fatalities of business failure and bankruptcy are enormous. These are such as; loss of customer proceeds, employees lose their pension, sale of business assets to cover loans and liquidation of a company.

There should be an installation of a sound BigData Management system to enhance information flow and address vulnerabilities emanating from viruses and such aspects as theft through hacking(Lynch, 2008). Moreover, the management has to ensure that there is ease in the data management systems because the data to be handled covers a wider range (all over the world). Big Data refers to wide range of data which are both structured and unstructured, these data sets handling brings about a stream of advantages. First, Big Data management leads to cost reduction. The traditional data management systems and architectural systems are augmented by Big Data Management systems bringing an advantage of cost reduction. This is because the modern system of Big Data Management uses current software and organized systems that are far much better than the traditional systems that used outdated and majorly personnel resulting in to loss of data which might cost an organization huge sum of money(Lynch, 2008).

Moreover, Big Data Management leads to faster and better decision making.  This is because Big Data management fosters easy comparison with large volumes of data thus necessitating the easy access to these large volumes of data and therefore informed decisions can be made quick enough. The organized way in which Big Data is managed is instrumental in knowing which data is missing and in easily retrieving files and making necessary adjustments where deemed. In this light, it is highly recommended that both Tammy and Joe utilize Big Data Management systems in their international organizations, that is, Canada, Caribbean and Mexico in order to allow easy access to data and reduce the damage to data. Information is key and these information is stored in terms of data the risk of losing data is not only a detriment to the company image but also loss of possible client information which might be costly in terms of both time and money(Lynch, 2008).

Sound maintenance operations are effective in ensuring that the plan survives to the execution stage. The dynamics of information technology are a demerit to the growth of an organization as it also a merit. This is because, the various flaws that can be noted are such as viruses and hackers that may threaten to destroy the company data if such is not managed appropriately. It is therefore of vital concern to use updated software and respond to market information regarding new viruses that are in the market and security flaws that are in existence in Joe and Tammy Terrific’s company. The situation as is currently, the system design that is just about to be implemented by Tammy and Joe is vulnerable to several attacks and security breaches. The success of the implementation is only pegged on addressing the key security concerns that emerge as a result of implementation of such project.

In addition to the installation of the GPS systems, regular inspections should be conducted by the managers to ensure that the various workers posted are constructively aiding work progress in their areas of posting. This can best be achieved through the installation of a computer software that calculates the number of hours that employees work and takes photos say, after every five minutes of work by the employee, this is likely to eradicate job truancy. This inspection system calls for the employment of competent staff who have the knowledge of systems operations and doing away with generalists who offer cheap services that might prove as a security threat to the entire operations of the business. Moreover, the sourcing for employees and technical staff should be based on merit as opposed on mere knowledge of an individual. Hiring of the right people in a business organization will work best towards matching the right people with the right jobs that are available.

Financial planning also comes in handy in the success of the business organization. Tammy and Joe lack a well-planned out financial plan of the operations of the organization that they intend to invest in. moreover, they do not clearly highlight the specific amount of capital that they intend to invest in Terrific Tooling Company, this lacks a solid basis for planning and tend to posit financial planning as an afterthought after all activities have been achieved in the respective organization. Investment of whatever kind has to start with a clearly laid out financial plan including the amount of money that the workers in a company are to be paid. Business organizations take some long time to break even depending on the deviations from the targeted plan(McLinden& World Bank, 2011). Adhering to the plan works towards highlighting hurdles, meeting targets and ensuring that the organizational goals and objectives are met within the deemed timeline with the requisite personnel involved. Therefore, Tammy and Joe Terrific have to draw an accurate financial plan of their projections and conduct a detailed analysis based on the budget that they have drawn.

Prototype testing is very unique in the ability of gauging the responsiveness of the business venture and whether such a venture does meet the desires of the customers and their immediate needs. Hence, a model has to be generated to simulate how the business operations and functions are deemed to operate and weigh the overall effect. If the prototype testing phase fails then there is a very high probability that the entire project is deemed to fail. In which case re – strategizing becomes important in identifying the weaknesses of the system and generating new ways to tackle the entire menace that might result if such a system is implemented. Such a stage assists in barring the implementation of a system that lacks the capacity to deliver as is required.

Finally, departmentalization becomes key in addressing most of the concerns in the business organization. The expansion of the business calls for the decentralization of activities with only the core tasks being centralized for the reviewing by the managers(McLinden& World Bank, 2011). The advantages that spring from decentralization and departmentalization are such as ease of inspection systems, increasing the confidence of the employees since some key departments have departmental heads who are also the employees of the organization, slow departments can be assisted through the employment of more competent and qualified staff, just to name a few.

Explore the characteristics of an effective border security architecture within an international organization

An effective boarder security architecture within an international organization must comply with the law and regulations instituted by the various countries involved.This is in terms of noncompliance with law offenders such as hackers and software developers who install viruses into systems and spark DDoS attacks.DDoS attacks refer to a situation in which several servers come together and link up in order to attack a specific server leading to the destruction of data and company documents. This attack is usually illegal and not in compliance with the law. The only sure way of mitigating such attacks is through employment of specialists who have knowledge of what goes on over the internet and place possible locks with passwords to avoid easy targets. The law is meant to promote equality and fairness in decisions and actions of competitors.

Technology – an effective security architecture must factor in the technological aspect. This is in light of using updated security and software systems while factoring in the aspects of people and processes that are involved. Border security architecture broadly relies on technology, use of obsolete technology leads to increase vulnerability of the system to attacks, moreover, the system is more likely to become obsolete(McLinden, G., & World Bank, 2011). Technology also serves the sole purpose of saving time in operations such as inspection, supply chain management system, receiving and giving orders and inventory control systems. Most of these systems are possible through the incorporation of automation.

Automation refers to the use of machines with little or no human effort. Automationuses human thinking with machine power. The facets brought about by information technology in the business world are effective and sound in realizing the overall goals of organizations of increasing profitability and productivity. In the case of Tammy and Joe Terrific, automation can be included in the business through the inspection systems and data management. The control of logistics can be automated too in order to reduce the demand in terms of time in such areas.  The inspection of the system should be automated so that Joe and Tammy concentrate on other vitals of the operations of the business.

Even though, Tammy and Joe Terrific are both instrumental in the running of the organization, expansion calls for delegation and business process outsourcing. Business Process Outsourcing refers to the transfer of important business processes and operations to a third party with equal service level. This means that Joe Terrific and Tammy have to transfer some functions such as inspection to a hired third party who are competent and have knowledge of business operations. This would serve in assisting Joe and Tammy concentrate on other facets of production that are deemed as most important in Terrific Tools Company. Moreover, the two (Joe and Tammy Terrific) are forced to delegate some of the activities of the business to other members of staff. It is impossible to manage all activities alone, especially of an expanded business venture.

Though the monitoring of boarder security architecture is mostly automated. The training of the individuals involved has to be high aiding in all aspects of information systems. This means that the employees involved in this process have to be multi – skilled and easily interchangeable with other employees in the same area without necessarily having generalists and individuals who are specialized in one area(“Designing an Information Architecture to Support Cyber Security and Information Assurance”). Terrific Tools Company has to come up with a system of training its employees towards perfecting skills and better service delivery for the benefit and attainment of organizational goals and objectives.

Inclusion and exclusion–a good security architecture must be effective in preventing access of information of prospective clients such as personal details, supply chain management, financial investment, e – mail servers  and the human resource (HR) documents that are deemed very vital(McLinden& World Bank, 2011).. Thus such a system must be inclusive in terms of protecting prospective customers and clientele against such leakage of information to outsiders or those outside the protection detail. Moreover, this system must be sound enough to prevent (exclude) undesired personnel from accessing such sensitive information. That is, there should be a clear statement of the audience that is not expected to access information and the security architecture must bar these audience from accessing such information.

Security assessment – the security architecture assessment is vital because it works towards ensuring that the architectures are effective. Cross functional teams are created by the organization as per the recommendation of the internal auditors’ team. This consists of competent experts with the ability to weigh the extent of the assessment and what needs be modified in case there is a breach. Therefore a good security architecture in international organizations ought to ensure consistent and timely security assessment to gain knowledge of possible flaws in the system and address such before such information becomes a demerit to the general progress of the organization.

Quick response –a good security architecture should have a quick response in times of breaches. Further, the system should have a typical closed loop control system with feedback and feed forward control allowing for the identification and notice of possible breach which alerts the personnel involved simultaneously. This will help in mitigating the damage before it escalates to the “beyond repair levels” making it easy to make modifications in the system already implemented. Most security systems have a problem with the alert and response systems. In cases where there are open loop systems, it becomes impossible to obtain feedback therefore, ending up in total damage to the data and the various assets that are within the protection detail(Ogata, 2001). Business organizations thrive on information which ought not to be at the grasp of competitors or unwanted personnel. Access to such information might lead to manipulation of the company by competitors thus putting the organization out of business.


            Joe and Tarry have a spending idea. However, it requires some modifications for the idea to be sound. For one, both Tarry and Joe would need to segregate their company operations into functional departments. Moreover, the conduction of detailed research in Mexico, Canada and Caribbean in which they want to expand their operations become mandatory if success it to be attained. Moreover, the soundness of their financial plan is questionable with no stated precise capital invested in order to invest in Terrific Tooling garage. The stores and installation of the GPS systems are good. However, the system does not provide adequate security to the data that will be handled after its installation thus calling for a team of skilled IT specialists to assist in the handling of data. Big Data management becomes key as one of the important ways of handling the huge sets of data in the international organizations. These few areas need redress for the business venture of both Tarry and Joe Terrific to become a success. The greatest weight lies on the financial investment plan.



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