Sample Technology Paper on Contingency Plan: Amazon Web Services (AWS

An example of an organization that may have an urgent contingency plan is one that deals with cloud computing services and its known worldwide. This is the amazon web services (AWS) which serves different regions in the world, and its end users are entitled to monitor and observe the system, servers operation and should report in case of any problem or failure (Robinson,2014).the Amazon end  user is are part of the contingency plan because they are responsible of how the system operates. The user is supposed to have random checks and close monitoring on the system servers and give a report in case of server failure, connectivity issues or application issues. Users are also having a backup option in case of data lose and they can be able to recover data lost due to unexplainable events that may have effect on the server.

End users are a key involvement when coming up with a contingency plan. The users affect the contingency plan in that, it becomes more successful due to the changes included, the users are satisfied with the services, and they are also play a part in the decision-making process which make them feel valued and appreciated by the organization. Including the end users in the contingency plan may also have its negative effects which include, lack of loyalty due to unsatisfaction by the system and this may fail the whole project. End users may not be able to navigate in the system and thus they will not fulfil their responsibilities.



Robinson, G., Narin, A., & Elleman, C. (2014). Using Amazon web services for disaster recovery. Whitepaper,(January).