Sample Technology Paper on Company Wireless Local Area Network

Currently, the internet and computer technology control the functioning of a business. The use of Wi-Fi is widespread and allows access to the internet using radio waves. For instance, a wireless LAN is convenient, affordable, and quick to integrate with tablets. Besides, the internet has enhanced telecommuting, marketing, and business collaboration. All organizations should uphold Wi-Fi usage regardless of the security issues since it has not only transformed a business client base but how an organization communicates with employees.

Wi-Fi installation within the business is my priority since it increases mobility and collaboration. For example, WLAN enables employees to work in different locations (Gitman et al., 2018). Moreover, workers team up since they access documents from the same database. Mobility and partnership of workers enhance productivity.

I will allow employees to use a mobile hotspot because it offers remote access and security of the network. For instance, a hotspot network is not easy to spoof compared to a shared Wi-Fi protecting company information. Moreover, the mobile hotspot prevents employees from WLAN slow connections while working from home. Hotspot ensures workers complete assignments, and their data is protected.

The provision of Wi-Fi to customers enhances marketing and client engagement. For instance, on-site wireless LAN requires a client to sign-in through a splash interface that shows the services and expertise of the company. Besides, free access to the internet allows clients to spend more time at the company, which boosts sales. Customer support is necessary for brand marketing.

Wi-Fi is a vital resource that improves workers’ production, clients’ engagement, and brand marketing. Moreover, mobile hotspot reduces overhead costs since less office space is needed. To combat security issues of Wi-Fi, I would recommend the use of hotspot shield software.



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