Sample Technology Essays on Steve Jobs

Technology Essays on Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is one of the innovators in the world that changed the way think and use technology. His life is full of inspiration and He influenced the people who lived close to him. This video is extremely influential and educative on apples development from its early stages to the recent gadget available in the market. Apples II computers were huge and would occupy a lot of space. In addition, they could consume a lot of power and produces heat. Therefore, Steve Jobs was fascinated by these developments and would look for simplified way of doing things by coming up with elegant design and devices.

In addition, Job rise in his career was characterized by dedication and innovative way of doing things. Thus, the idea of apple and macbook was born through consistence innovative behavior. My opinion is that Steve was less concerned with success rather than his financial state. This is echoed by some of his friend who outlines that he was dedicated at moving the company to the top level in the technology industry. Moreover, Jobs was 1 million dollar worth at 21 years old and at 23 year he was $100 million worth of asset. This made him a celebrity in the technology field. An incident in his life that shows he is a good financial manager or innovator is his demotion at Apples. He was frustrated by the ordeal to such an extent that he withdrew his shareholding from the company. This affected the company welfare to an extent of losing its market share as it suffered financially. After some period, Steve was called back to Apple’s to help turn around the business so as it could regain or resume its business activities.

I therefore feel that the work of Steve Jobs need be appreciated by the population. This is because of the fact that the innovation and devices provided have changed people’s lives. This includes apples computers and iTunes application for musicians. Thus, musician would earn through the application of this destructive strategy. Buyers and viewers will download through the app and would be charged some money to be paid to the artist. This meant that their work has been made easy with the new application that Steve Jobs spearheaded. His entrepreneurial side of the story is extremely influential to start up businesses in the sense that they need to focus on service delivery rather than financial growth.

I was extremely inspired by the Ethical behavior between Microsoft and Apple. This was attributed to the friendship that the two Chief executive officers shared between themselves. Though, Microsoft was the greatest rival to Apple it was there to stand with the company when it was at the verge of collapsing. The deal was reached at by the two heads that came for the rescue of the organization. Thus, they would help each other when one lands into some problems. During this time, some of the Apple’s shareholders were unimpressed with the decision because they thought that Microsoft financed the company in bad faith (Jd R).

Therefore, Jobs was always ready to be challenged and work to produce a new product at each time he had an opportunity to do it. This is the reason behind the naming of the video as the last one thing. Competition was also raised a notch higher by the new strategies introduced by Apple.



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