Sample Student’s Reflection Paper on Lecture on The future of healthcare

The future of healthcare is based on moving health services closer to the people. Through the presentation, I learned the different pharmaceutical products and services offered by the Boehringer Ingelheim. This changed my impression of pharmaceutical companies from the ideology of manufacturing drugs only, to the inclusion of other pharmaceutical products and services. The openings offered by the company to students at different levels in the pharmaceutical industry such as rotations, internships, and fellowship have improved my perception and understanding of career opportunities in this field.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the product lifecycle from the point of developing the concept to providing the services to consumers was an essential lesson in understanding important activities that should be conducted such as getting the FDA approval for the drug and assessing its efficiency. Some of my expectations for the next class include learning about laws and regulations that govern the marketing of pharmaceutical drugs, the approved approaches that are appropriate for marketing these drugs, and the role of the media in marketing pharmaceutical products.

Medical representatives are commonly used for marketing purposes in this industry. Some of the skills needed in this department include being knowledgeable about the branch of healthcare or medical products that they advertise and competitors. It is also essential for individuals in this profession to understand the laws that govern advertisement of pharmaceutical products, where they should market the products, and their intended target (Workneh, Gebrehiwot and Bayo). The marketing department allows the company to inform consumers about the products available and their purpose. Professional that can fit in this department include those with sales and marketing knowledge and pharmacology professionals.



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