Sample Sports Essays on Challenges in Functional Areas Applied to Sport Management

You are the President of an athletic organization. This organization may be hypothetical.

After reviewing the assigned readings for this week, please create a MS PowerPoint (PPT) presentation discussing “Challenges in Functional Areas Applied to Sport Management.” The completed PPT should contain at least ten (10) slides excluding the Title, Table of Contents, and References slides.

Your PPT should be composed/designed in a way to serve as a training tool to educate interns working for your athletic organization. Interns are commonly hired as part-time employees or recruited as volunteers to assist full-time staff in achieving an organization’s objectives. Interns also use this opportunity to learn about sport management practices to help them procure future full-time employment in the industry.

Your PPT should include:

I. Title

II. Table of Contents

III. Introduction. Be sure to identify your athletic organization, and include some history, affiliation, location, etc.

IV. Athletic Organization’s Mission Statement. Explain an organization’s purpose for serving its audience (i.e., target market – consumers/sponsors). Why does this organization exist?

V. Explain the importance of each functional area (i.e., Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Evaluating) associated with your athletic organization. Also, provide one (1) example for each of the aforementioned functional areas in order to support information that is presented.

Include at least two (2) slides of text (i.e., bullet-points) for each of the functional areas discussed within this PPT. Additionally, identify each type of functional area’s name (i.e., Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Evaluating) as a subtitle for a corresponding slide.

Planning: A functional area of management that includes defining organizational goals and determining the appropriate means by which to achieve those desired goals.
Organizing: A functional area of management that focuses on putting plans into action by determining which types of jobs need to be performed and who will be responsible for doing these jobs. Identify your management team. To whom do interns report?
Leading: A functional area of management that is the “action” part of management process; it involves a variety of activities, including delegating, managing differences, managing change, and motivating employees.
Evaluating: A functional area of management that measure and ensures progress toward organizational objectives by establishing reporting systems, developing performance standards, observing employment performance (i.e., employees’/interns’ work performance reviews), and designing reward systems to acknowledge successful work on the part of employees.
VI. Concluding Summary. Reiterate main points discussed within PPT.

VII. References

Use an attractive color background, organizational logos, photos, graphics…. all are important in holding the attention of an audience.

Avoid presenting long paragraphs on slides…. it’s better to create additional slides with larger type so that an audience can easily read your content. Also, use bullet points on slides. Use the Notes section on each slide for in-depth and detailed explanations of a slide’s content. Notes should be presented in text (i.e., words) and complete sentences. Vocal Notes (i.e., audio recordings) will not be accepted (i.e., reviewed).

Notes are placed on the same slide (i.e., beneath) information being presented pertaining to a specific area of the PPT.