Sample Sociology Paper Writing An Apology

Hello our Esteemed Customers

This is to bring to your attention that one of our drives that holds your data was hacked hence crucial data likely to be compromised. As a company, we regret this action and promise to take full responsibility. We are aware that the situation is a significant breach to the confidentiality of your has always been the obligation of the organization to safeguard all data pertained to all our clients and we promise to continue upholding this.

Concerning the unfortunate occurrence, the company intends to adopt some security measures tailored to foster system securities. Among these measures include; introduction of the use of biometric security features that intend to cub third party intuition. Among this will entail system passwords that are strong and linked to personal biometric features such as thumb, voice and many more (Qiu, Li & Wu 2008).  This would be accompanied by frequent or constant hardware and software monitoring of the systems. Secondly, our company intends to initiate and implement strict system policies that control general access and stipulates substantial legal implications for any violations. Finally, to prevent the total loss of data, the organization is to implement the use of extensive area network (WAN) that will see to it that the devices within other restaurant chains have data backups (Yang, Zhong & Wright, 2005).

Owing to the sensitivity of this matter, I would adopt the most convenient mode of presentation which will see to it that only the right and intended customers get access to this information. For instance, the use of direct emails and letters would be appropriate. I will tend to avoid private or public conventions such as memos as this a times would leak the information to the unintended persons thus compromising or tainting the image of the institution.



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