Sample Sociology Paper on The film Nappily Ever After

The film name is Nappily Ever After, I should write about the main character Violet. I have a video example of what would be the presentation, will transfer it later. You have to use at least 2 theories of development. Could be Erickson or Piaget, and analyses this within the character on the movie
Group Presentation and Critical Film Analysis (15 points)- Your peers will have access to your recordings as they will be uploaded on CANVAS under a discussion prompt.

The class will be randomly divided into groups (5 students per movie). As a group, engage democratically and vote on a movie. Each movie has characters that represent a stage of human development. The movie assigned to each group will illustrate behavioral patterns, conflicting pressures of roles and lifestyles, and action sequences common to a particular age category. Each group should concentrate on the main character(s) in that life stage and how they conform and deviate from expected behavior and action described in the course text and supplemental readings (4 points). Remember to include major theories of development (max of 2) in your analysis (4 points).

Each group will give a 20-minute zoom recording of a PowerPoint presentation (7 points) and turn in an 8-page paper (4 students = 2 pages each) not including the cover page and reference page, summarizing the biopsychosocial analysis of the main character(s) of the selected film, based on the theories of developmental phases covered in class. This will also be submitted through Turnitin on Canvas.


Presentation: In your PowerPoint presentation, highlight the key information as opposed to reading the content of your paper. If a film clip is shown it should last no longer than 2 minutes, as the film should not be expected to explain itself. Presentations will be timed, the minimum is 15 minutes, no more than 20 minutes. Record your presentation on Zoom and upload in a google drive and share the link. Each member of the group is expected to be an active participant in the entire process. Please be prepared to present with cameras and microphones on. You can find your group on CANVAS- go to people- go to tab that says presentation.