Sample Sociology Paper on sociological understanding of family

Instructions: Respond to 4 of the 5 questions below. Your response should be typed, double spaced, and in a 12-pt. font. Make sure that each response is a minimum of 1 page typed and no more than 3 pages typed. Include a reference list for all cited sources used to support your perspective.

1. Compare and contrast the personal family, the legal family, and the family as an
institutional arena. Give examples of each.

2. How have theoretical approaches to understanding the family shaped the
sociological understanding of family over time? Based on what you read in the
chapter, contrast how at least two theories might explain the rise of the
breadwinner-homemaker family.

3. Compare and contrast the concepts of race and ethnicity. How has the U.S. racial-ethnic composition been changing over time? What are the implications of these
changes for understanding the family?

4. Define class identity and explain its significance in family life, giving several
examples. Discuss the poverty line and its origins, purpose, strengths, and
weaknesses. Using conflict perspective, discuss the causes of poverty and
recommend two policy responses.

5. Discuss the differences between sex and gender. How are family roles or
expectations differentiated by a child’s gender? How have these roles changed over