Sample Sociology Paper on Socioeconomic Status


Racial and ethnic minorities in higher socioeconomic status are usually better off than minorities in the lower socioeconomic status. The reason for this is the many drawbacks faced by the minorities in a society. The fact that they are minorities means that the policies made by the government do not consider their welfare.

Implications of Socioeconomic Status

The minorities are not well represented in politics or the financial market. This leaves them without a system to protect them from the drawbacks associated with capitalism and democracy. Belonging to a minority group makes one a prime candidate to experience all the ills that a society has to offer.

The socioeconomic status of a person and his/her family influences both physical and mental health. Low socioeconomic status is accompanied by lower educational achievement, poor health, and poverty. This tends to affect the whole community. The minorities found in this bracket suffer the most compared to the majority. This is because the administration in place is mostly constituted of the majority. The leaders of the majority can therefore come up with measures to uplift the members of their communities who are in low socioeconomic status.

For minorities however, there is are no figures in leadership invested enough to care about their problems. This means that the minorities in higher socioeconomic status are shielded from poverty, poor health and illiteracy by virtue of their status. On the other hand, the low socioeconomic status minorities sink deeper into poverty, poor health and also face difficulties in getting quality education. This makes their communities sink into crime and destitution and creates a never-ending cycle of poverty. The gap between the higher socioeconomic minorities and low socioeconomic minorities is widened, with the former prospering while the latter suffers even more.


In conclusion, the minorities are disadvantaged in terms of education, health and finances. They rarely get help from the administrations in place, as they are usually not represented well. Therefore, minorities in high socioeconomic status are better of because they are shielded from the disadvantages of being minorities by this status.