Sample Sociology Paper on Society and gender roles

Society shapes and plays a role in how an individual “does” gender roles. An individual’s gender is continuously identified and distinguished in several different aspects of our life such as; aesthetics that is the face and hair, dressing, and even walking styles.

 Social learning aspect in gender role socialization.

Gender role socialization is influenced by factors such as the media, surrounding environment and family among other things. Observation as an aspect contributes majorly to gender role socialization in the sense that a person adapts to what is majorly in their environment. In my family , there are things men are not allowed to do. As sexist as it sounds, they are not allowed to cook and I believe it is with good reason. It may just be mental but when they cook, the food is not as great as when the females cook. We are sometimes able to see most girls who grow up in families where there are only boys becoming tomboys. Such norms are inevitable since one cannot control where they are born and people should just learn to accept that. Double standards in our household is mostly seen when the male gender is easily allowed to go out late at night but females have to struggle with seeking permission.

Society and gender related roles.

Society has played a key role in painting women as better linguists while men are good in sciences. It is for this reason you see most human resource managers are women. This position needs a fluent communicator while interacting with people. Feminist movements should continue as they play key roles in seeking more diversified roles for women.


Society gets to pin gender on individuals but should not limit them by assigning roles as well.

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