Sample Sociology Paper on Social Changes Created By Technology

Since the beginning of the 21st century, it has become apparent that technology has played a significant role in changing how the society thinks, interacts as well as conducts daily social duties. From a social perspective, technology has brought forward new opportunities on one hand and highlighted new challenges on the there.

Effect of technology in the medical field.    

Over the years, state of the art technology has seen medical technocrats gain the ability to treat or manage a variety of diseases subsequently saving lives. For instance, individuals with heart problems are currently provided with wearable gadgets that identify deadly symptoms that may lead to cardiac arrest or heart failures. In such cases, patients are taken to hospitals promptly increasing the chances of survival in otherwise fatal situations (Chan et al. 36). Additionally, 2017 saw the success of the first surgery done using virtual reality technology. This then means individuals will be able to receive medical care even when in remote areas. However, technology has also seen the decoration of health. For instance, the most controversial issue in today’s technology market is the premise of cancer-causing cellphone radiation waves.

Effect of technology on Education

Currently, technology has made it easier for scholars to obtain material that improves their cognitive understanding of issues. For instance, Google has worked as a global database where students are able to obtain e-books, journals, tutorial videos, as well as academic papers that aid in them meeting their education needs. Digital school libraries have also offered similar services. However, there has been a significant over-dependence on technology be students a factor that has seen a reduction in innovative abilities to some scholars (Burkhardt and Daniel 78).

Effect of technology on social diversity

It can be argued that of the biggest changes brought by technology social diversity is the single most altered social phenomenon. The internet and social media have made the world communal, as they have been the platform where different people of dissimilar racial, religious, and ethnic backgrounds have openly had the chance to communicate (Shirky 12). For instance, the Arab revolt was as a result of the internet and social media. However, there have been negative social issues such as radicalization and bullying have also been a result of technological diversity in communication.

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