Sample Sociology Paper on Separation of Immigrant children

Separation of Immigrant children

Immigrants are people who leave their own countries and relocate to another country. Immigrant children are children below the age of 18years who are in a different country with or without their parents or a legal guardian. In U.S. government have separated thousands of immigrant children from their parents than previously known, the exact number of the immigrant children separated from their parents is still unclear due to inadequate record-keeping (The Thompson Reuters Trust Principles, 2019). President Trump’s implementation of zero tolerance policy intended to criminally prosecute and jail all illegal border crossers as well as those traveling with their children.

Mostly, immigrant children are separated from their parents or legal guardian because either the parents or legal guardian has a criminal history, parents association with a gang, illness, the death of parents, or the adult claiming to be the legal guardian of the child has no proof.  Although some child separation from their parents is legal some cases of immigrant children retention does not satisfy the need for a child to be separated from their parents. For instance, some parents are deported back to their country if found legally in the U.S leaving their child or children behind; this is not fair as children need their parents and parents need their kids. Therefore, in the case of deportation the government should ensure that the children are deported together with their parents.

The U.S government was ordered to reunite more than 2700 families covered by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) lawsuit and regularly report back the progress of the unification. This brought up new hopes for parents who had been separated from their children and those deported without their children as they were going to be reunited with their families. Children need love and care and the only place they can find that is from their parents, hence separation of children from their parents should be discouraged and only done in circumstances such as of abusive parents, the death of parents, or imprisonment of parent or guardian.



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