Sample Sociology Paper on Reflection on Episode 2 of the Story of God

Religion is socio-cultural hence people have different beliefs about the supernatural being. Therefore, individuals should respect the cultural performances of each believer. The Story of God by Morgan freeman explores the ideas and traditions of different religion. The film showcases how religions direct believers towards truth that is recorded in the reference books such as the Bible and Quran. The   Episode 2 of season1 majors on the destruction of the world. Morgan finds out the technique different believers apply to determine events that will occur during apocalypse. Also, the predictions of believers raise his curiosity because he wants to assure viewers that the end of the world is not an imagination. For example, Orthodox Jews have a sacred temple where they worship freely, and individuals confess sins to the priest hoping for forgiveness. They perform this ritual to prepare for the end of times.

Freeman begins his journey in Jerusalem where he engages Jews, Christians and Muslims in discussing the issue of world end. Generally, Christians base their opinions of the apocalypse on the book of revelation because it vividly discusses the event and what Christians can do to avoid punishment. Also, prophecy has been highlighted in this episode because Freeman wants explain to viewers how they apply today. When in New Orleans, he speaks to survivors of the Katrina hurricane and they explain the experience community rebuilding since they thought the natural disaster was a fulfillment of the foresights.  The prophecies for Muslims had similarities with other faiths but they got manipulated to make them appear different. In conclusion, believers should repent their sins before death to avoid harsh judgments in the end times.