Sample Sociology Paper on Racism Art

Racism is a key problem in my society; therefore I would love to create a piece of art on racism. According to (Chalmers & Graeme 2018 p 16 -17) racial is a major problem in the societies we live in today. Therefore, we need to come together and work for the feature of our country. Hence I have come up with this idea to create some nice pieces of art on this primary problem to help our community. It is also important for us to support and to create awareness of racism. Our community needs development in the form of education. That is the idea that I  have e decided to capitalize on and see if  I can be part of history change. This will help to improve or change my community in a given number of ways such as;

  • Promoting togetherness in society.
  • Love and unity.
  • Appreciating once colour.
  • Building up the community as people would begin to work together for the better feature.
  • Racial equality in the community.
  • Understanding racism and its effects on the discriminated people.
  • Help us refrain from racism.
  • Being Anti-racist in the community.
  • Lead in shared values in society.
  • Fairness in all the government activities.
  • Helping the government to achieve its public policies.
  • Equal Justice.
  • Knowing the effects of racial bias ness.
  • Communicating our race and embracing our ethnic diversity.
  • Equal regional  development opportunity

This piece of art is very crucial and since I aim to educate a lot of people in our community. This art will be installed in artwork 21 and social media such as Facebook. The main reason as to why I will consider using the two especially Art 21, is because many people tend to access these sites. Hence I believe this will be the right platform to capture in many people. Getting people’s attention is not always an easy task to do. That is why I am eager to use this platform to get the required audience.

This art will employ the use of videos and presentation. The video will be used to demonstrate for people what exactly is expected from them. Furthermore to catch the attention of these individuals too. Using the presentation is very much imported. This is because it will help us to sermon residents and teach them in groups of the dangers of racism and the importance of fighting racism In society. Racism has been our major setback as people (Ulmer & Jasmine 2017 p. 412). It has also lowered down the level in which one region can get the most wanted government projects. It is also important for the community members to bring in some new ideas. This will help as to improve on areas that we did not capture in the art and the areas we haven’t addressed. Finally, for a community, a state, a society and a country to grow and for it to be stable, we all must be in a position to fight racism for the better tomorrow and the feature generation.

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