Sample Sociology Paper on Physical Abuse and Children in the Family

Al Odhayani, A., Watson, W. J., & Watson, L. (2013). Behavioral consequences of child abuse. Canadian family physician Medecin de famille Canadian, 59(8), 831–836.

The three authors of this source are associated with the department of family and community medicine at the University of Toronto. The authors targeted the community in general as their audience. The community comprises of families in which children may be present. The article has discussed in details on the abuse in the family and the consequences to children compared to other articles cited in the paper. The work supports the topic because it discusses on the violence children encounter through physical abuse in the family. These violence can be caused by behavioral problems and psychological torture.

Trocmé N, MacLaurin B, Fallon B, Daciuk J, Billingsley D,Tourigny M, Mayer M, Wright J, Barter K, Burford G, Hornick J, Sullivan R,McKenzie B. Canadian Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect: Final Report.Ottawa, Ontario: Minister of Public Works and Government Services Canada, 2001

The authors work for the ministry of public works and government services in Canada. The authors targeted the family and children in a community. This article has researched on the reports of child abuse and neglect in Canada compared to the other sources that have only discussed on the violence created in a family with abuse. It supports the topic in question by discussing child abuse in a home setting. The reports on the child abuse helps in the research.

Dehon,C. &Weems, C.F. J Child Fam Stud (2010) 19: 287

The authors work for the department of psychology in New Orleans USA.  This journal aimed to reach the family audience with children. The journal article discusses the interparental violence and the effects they have on children in those settings. It has researched in detail the abuse among parents and how children are affected compared to other sources. The journal article supports the topic on physical abuse because it discusses how the conflicts in a family affect children.

Buehler, C., Anthony, C., Krishnakumar, A., Stone, G., Gerard, J., & Pemberton, S. (1997). Interparental conflict and youth problem behaviors: A meta-analysis. Journal of Child and Family Studies,6,233–247

The authors of this Journal article are associated with child and family studies  in the University of Tennessee. The target audience is the family and children aged between five to eighteen years.  The article discusses the conflicts in a family and how it affects the psychology and behavior of children. The journal is based on meta analysis conducted on the topic compared to other  research sources. It is in line with the topic in that the effects of parental conflicts and abuse  in relation with the behavior of the child is discussed.

Carrión, V. G., Weems, C. F., & Reiss, A. L. (2007). Stress predicts brain changes in children: A pilot longitudinal study on youth stress, PTSD, and the hippocampus. Pediatrics, 119, 509–

The authors of this journal are researchers on the effects and causes of stress in children and youth. The targeted individuals are the children and teenagers. This article discusses the stress among children and youth and their causes which is in contrast with other cited sources. It does not support the topic fully which is about the physical abuse in a family and the consequences to children. The article rather discusses the stress that children and youth face in the daily life.

Costa, N. M., Weems, C. F., Pellerin, K., & Dalton, R. (2006). Parenting stress and childhood psychopathology: An examination of specificity to child internalizing and externalizing symptoms. Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment, 28, 113–122

.                       The authors of this journal work with the department of psychology in New Orleans. The main audience targeted is the children and parents. The article discusses the parental stress and the relationship and interaction with children. It only discusses the interaction between parents and children. The article has not detailed on the information of physical abuse and violence on children as compared to other articles.

Gudiño, O. G., Lau, A. S., & Hough, R. L. (2008). Immigrant status, mental health need, and mental health service utilization among high-risk Hispanic and Asian Pacific Islander youth. Child & Youth Care Forum, 37, 139–152.…/sites/…/Gudino-Lau-Hough-2008.pdf

The authors work with the department of psychology in the university of California. Target audience is the youth. The journal article discusses on the mental health services among the youth. It studies the effects of the mental health and behavior on youth and their causes. The article does not support the topic on physical abuse and violence in children.

Testing the meditational role of appraisals in the cognitive-contextual framework. Child Development, Grynch, J. H., Fincham, F. D., Jouriles, E. N., & McDonald, R. (2000). Interparental conflict and child adjustment 71, 1648–1661.…conflict…/563322

The authors are researchers in the field of interparental conflicts and child adjustment. The journal targets the children and parents in a community. The article discusses the interaction between children and parents in a family. The conflicts in a family and how children are affected is also discusses in the journal. The article supports the topic on physical abuse and the violence on children.

.Korfmacher, J., Green, B., Staerkel, F., Peterson, C., Cook, G., Roggman, L., et al. (2008). Parent involvement in early childhood home visiting. Child & Youth Care Forum, 37, 171–196

The authors of this journal article are researchers in various universities of USA on the topic of parenthood and children. The article targets the family in a community. It discusses the involvement of the parents in the early childhood. The article partially supports the topic because it does not discuss the physical abuse in details.

Linares, L. O., Heeren, T., Bronfman, E., Zuckerman, B., Augustyn, M., & Tronick, E. (2001). A mediational model for the impact of exposure to community violence on early child behavior problems. ChildDevelopment,72, 639–652.

The authors are researchers in the field of community violence. Their aim was to target the community in general. This article discusses the effects of violence in the community on the psychological behavior of children. The authors have discussed in detail the impact of the conflicts and abuse in the community to children compared to other journal articles. This article supports the topic of physical abuse and how it affects children in homes.