Sample Sociology Paper on Negative Global Flows and Processes

Globalization is a major issue brought about by advancement in technology and improved farming and construction processes that are affecting the natural balance of nature. Despite the positive impact of globalization, there have been some incidences of negative trends and processes that have detrimental effects on the environment, culture, and security of global population (Ritzer 124). Some of the highlighted negative flows and processes include terrorism, crime, borderless diseases, and contrabands.

Among the contrabands are toys that are considerably cheap with dangerous parts that may affect health of the society or end up damaging the environment. In the same regard, there are some personal utilities such as toothpaste that do not meet the standard of consumption. For instance, in 2007 the FDA recalled toothpaste sold in Puerto Rico after it was determined to contain an anti-freeze industrial chemical (Ritzer 125).

Additionally, globalization has resulted in the spread of dangerous diseases such as Ebola virus and avian flu across borders. Diseases know no boarder; it only takes an infected person to cross over for it to spread. There has been an effort to set boarders with surveillance and disease control team so as to eliminate across-boarder spread of diseases (Ritzer 129). It is however not reliable given that some viruses are airborne, while some have unseen symptoms thus the probability of crossing over is still high.

One of the most devastating impacts of globalization is terrorism that is causing havoc globally with radical groups such as Al-Qaida funding attacks against civilians (Ritzer 137). Globalization has opened doors for people from all walks of life to move freely between states. Terrorists have taken advantage and are expanding their recruiting groups and practices increasing their ability to carry out attacks in public institutions. Therefore, despite the positives that globalization if offering in cohesion and cultural connections, it also has negative impacts that affect the lives of citizens.




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