Sample Sociology Paper on a “routine accomplishment”?

Michael Schwalbe

1- What does it mean to think of inequality as a “routine accomplishment”? Please explain the author’s viewpoint.
2- How does Schwalbe explain the emergence of inequality? Briefly describe.

James W. Russell

3- Russell’s historical piece suggests that the creation of race inequality justified class inequality. How?
4- Looking at Europeans at the time of their conquests around the world, what role did belief systems play in creating and sustaining inequalities?

Tracy E. Ore (see attached)

5- Ore points out that “…in the United States we have a system of stratification that is based on many categories of difference… We tend to view this system as fixed because of our assumptions that these categories are unchangeable.” (Ore, 5) How is this statement relevant to the protests that have taken place in reaction to George Floyd’s death at the hands of police in May? Please explain.

6- What is “objectivation”? (Ore, 7) Please give an example that illustrates this concept.

Sources to be used “Ch.1 The Roots of Inequality, Michael Schwalbe p. 4-13

Ch.2 Origins of Inequality and Uneven Development, James W. Russell p. 15-27