Sample Sociology Essays on Gender inequality

Gender inequality

Gender inequality has been a major barricade to human development for centuries. Girls and women have been the main subjects facing the depressing impact of gender inequality. Though major strides have been made since the rise of feministic movements in United States to condemn gender inequality in the 19th century, sufficient level has not been attained. Gender inequality is an issue that I would like to tackle through sociological and scientific knowledge gained in this course. Appropriate mobilization of social movements is a significant approach that can be used to fight and eradicate gender inequality in United States of America.

The disadvantages and challenges facing women in the modern era are major sources of inequality. Girls and women have faced discrimination in areas of education, political representation, health, and labor market among others. Even in the modern times, women and girls have experienced major disparities in the health and education sector. These disparities have resulted from the fact that majority of the cultural practices and ideologies have structured the society in a manner that renders women and girls vulnerable to mistreatment and abuse, making them more prone to diseases and misfortunes. There are many barriers, in the current times that restrict women and girls from receiving various opportunities, such as good healthcares, employment, and education. Some taboos and superstitious practices used by some ethnic communities’ in religious and family platform demoralize the women; making them appear as lesser beings.

Use of feministic theory is vital in tackling the issue of gender inequality. Feministic theory considers women participation significant in building a healthy and strong society. Abuse and discrimination of women destroys a significant part of humanity that would otherwise build a strong and reliable society. Feministic theory conveys the use of social movements to fight gender inequality. Social movements were significant change forces that were used in the history of feminism in Canada and United States. Social movements can facilitate necessary pressure through targeted campaigns in addressing gender inequality.