Sample Sociology Essays on Bernie Sanders perspective on Race

Bernie Sanders perspective on Race

Republican presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders believes that the main secret of transforming America is through valuing the people as a nation without viewing them in terms of color. He outlines that the blacks, brown and indigenous American are faced with physical, political, legal environmental and economic violence each and every passing day.

In his campaign manifesto branded Bernie 2016, he outlines a number of black Americans who were perpetrated by the state on instances he calls physical violence at the hands of the government of the day. Bernie states that the quest to handle racism is long overdue as blacks are the vulnerable lot in the American population. He further states that “In America today, if you are black, you can be killed for getting a pack of Skittles during a basketball game.” According to Bernie, violence against the black in America is so wide spread and proper measures should be enacted to ensure there is a reduction of this acts.

It is Bernie’s recommendation that police officers be demilitarized to make them not to act as if they are above the law. He further recommends community policing to enhance relationships between individuals in the same neighborhood.  Police officers should reflect the diverse nature of the community with excellent skills that distinguish them from ordinary citizens.

Bernie views the American legal system as an institution that is against the blacks because young black American kids are jailed for smoking while highly respected officials are left to maneuver even after committing crimes that can lead to the collapse of the united states economy. The views presented by Bernie portray a clear picture of the current situation in America; his proposals are well intended as they will restore the much needed sanity in the police, society and the federal government at large.