Sample Social Work Research Question on Social Work Profession

Statement of Question
Social work is a highly demanding profession that helps in the delivery of essential services to a majority of people in need. Social workers play a significant role in ensuring the well-being of the most vulnerable members of society (Kim, Ji, & Kao, 2011). Thus, this research question is of importance in the examination of social work as a profession: How can social workers promote a better program to reduce burnout in the profession?
Why the Question Can Be Researched
This question can be researched because it has all the features of a good research question. First, this question is relevant to the topic and to the people in the field of social work. Second, it is a question which raises issues in literature and practice. A research question must be realistic and should be within the scale and scope of the project (Bryman, 2004). With the framing of this question, it is easy to access data needed to fully address the question. Third, a research question should be substantial and with an original dimension. The question reflects good imagination and the ability to construct and develop research issues. Moreover, the question is consistent with the assessment requirement because it allows one to meet course learning outcomes. In most cases, if the research question is complex, it can hide unclear thoughts leading to confusion throughout the research process (Bryman, 2004). However, this research question is simple and clear. This question is interesting because it intrigues and maintains a personal interest in this subject area.
Connection with Social Work and The Audience
This question connects well with social work and the audience for whom it would be of interest, particularly on the issue of burnout in the profession. Social workers should come up with a program that can address their plight in a demanding work environment. Concerning the question, the audience is the vulnerable members of the society who are usually attended to by social workers. This question explores s the problems encountered by social workers in their profession as well as their target audience who suffer as a result of burnout in the profession.
Importance of Topic to Research
This is a very important topic to research and it contains certain lessons that can be learned by both the social workers and their audience. It is evident that there is an increasing demand in social work as a profession and such demand include unmanageable caseloads, increasing paperwork, as well as dealing with difficult clients (Hansung & Stoner, 2008). In healthcare settings, social workers encounter more demanding situations due to the increased role of managed care. It has been identified that an antecedent of social workers burnout is the demanding job conditions. The burnout in social work has been one of the critical managerial issues since the whole issue negatively affects the consistency and quality of client services (Kim & Lee, 2009). Previous research has only identified the circumstances surrounding social work as a profession but with no solution to emerging challenges such as burnout. As a result, it becomes very vital to research on this topic as a way of finding the solution to the challenges that have marred the profession of social work. One of the most important lessons that can be learned in this topic is that social work is the gist of healthcare delivery. This can be a reason why it is becoming increasingly demanding in terms of the work involved.

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