Sample Social Work Paper on Yellow Corvette Commercial

Yellow Corvette Commercial

Question 1

In the CarMax TV Commercial, the male walks into Carl Max to purchase a used car. While being shown around, he spots a yellow corvette to which he is instantly attracted. He resolves to purchase the yellow corvette without going around to check other cars available. The yellow corvette is luxurious and prestigious and signifies one’s level of achievement. Based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the male’s behavior meets esteem needs. Maslow classified esteem needs into two categories including esteem for oneself and one’s desire for reputation and respect from others (Mcleod, 2018). The male’s primary focus is on prestige so as to earn respect from others.

Question 2

The adult female is not fascinated by the yellow Corvette upon its arrival. Her negative reaction to the car’s arrival can be read from her frowny face. She was smiling and enjoying her time with the child, but the mood changed for the negative when the car arrived. Perhaps, she expected the husband to come home with a car better than the yellow Corvette that was not fascinating to her.

Question 3

Based on the reaction of the adult male and female, their relationship is of high quality. The high quality of their relationship can be projected from the respect and love they have for each other. The male thought that he had purchased a car that would fascinate his wife and child. Upon arrival with the yellow corvette, the female is pleased to see her husband back but later frowns upon seeing the car. The adult male fast realizes something is amiss, and does not want to go against his wife’s wishes and expectations. He then resolves to return the car to the yard, maybe for something better than what he had initially purchased.



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