Sample Social Work Paper on Trump’s policy on immigration

Since his campaigns, Donald Trump stressed on immigration reforms and border security. According to him, undocumented immigrants contributed immensely to crime, drug and human trafficking as well as unemployment. He furthered his emphasis on immigration and border security during his inauguration by promising American workers and families that they will benefit from decisions made on immigration, among other agendas, including trade and foreign affairs. Following his pledge on immigration reforms and border security during his campaign trail, President Donald Trump signed an immigration policy which changed the Obama’s policy of deporting criminal immigrants only. The policy was intended to reinforce security border and control criminal activities.

The immigration reforms policy signed on 25th January 2017 by Trump indicates that the executive departments and agencies should lawfully equip means to protect the American Southern border to avoid further prohibited immigration and to humanely deport illegal immigrants promptly and constantly (Wikipedia, 2019). It further states that the executive branch has the mandate to protect the southern border through instant construction of the wall. These reforms are conducted to stop illegal immigration, prevent drug and human trafficking, including terrorism acts (The White House, 2017). Although, during his campaign, Trump had declared that Mexicans will pay for the construction of the wall, it was never implemented following the decline of Mexican president to fund the project. Resultantly, Trump demanded release of $5.6 billion for wall construction commencement, which led the federal government into a shutdown (Wikipedia, 2019). Presently, the planning of construction site along the southern border in under way.

To make America great again, through immigration reforms and border security, Trump strongly believes that all illegal immigrants are to be deported and the southern border, which according to him was in jeopardy; reinforced through wall erection. His proposals became effective when he officially signed the Executive Order 13767: Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements.  Consequently, thousands of illegal immigrants have been deported while 15 construction sites of the wall are currently under way along the Southern American border, though after experiencing funding constraints.




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