Sample Social Work Paper on Theoretical Basis of Interventions on Social Issues

Review the social issue presented in the Social Issues Proposal paper. Research the following human behavior and leadership theories: conflict theory, social learning theory, and transformational leadership theory. Explore how you would use each of the theories when developing an intervention plan to address the social issue. For example, to address poverty among white single mothers, you use transformational leadership theory to develop tasks (such as attending six parenting courses at a local community center and serving on one parent-outreach community at local school to motivate parents to become engaged in the community and support their parenting skills) prior to offering a housing voucher in a new housing complex in an affluent community. If you were writing about the example, you would want to keep in mind the focus of transformational leadership theory (motivation and task implementation) and apply this information as you frame your intervention plan.
List your social issue and share how the local community is impacted by the issue.
Next, discuss one innovation you may implement to reduce or eliminate the social issue using one of the theories researched this week. Be specific in your discussion.