Sample Social Work Paper on Mental health and the community

Mental health is one of the many challenges that the society has had to deal with in the 21st century. Rosenberg (2018) takes a broader look into these challenges, in chapter 6, Rosenberg (2018) emphasizes that suicide is rarely a product of mental health but rather the situations that the affected undergo. in this respect, loneliness, hopelessness, desolation, despairing resignation, and bleak future are some of the key culprits that Rosenberg (2018) cites. Further, these conditions that encourage suicidal thoughts are linked to societal prejudices.

Going into chapter 7, a link is drawn between these conditions that encourage suicide and old age. The chapter looks at mental health needs age 65 years and above noting that more often than not, their health needs are overlooked. While highlighting key changes that need to be made. It is noticeable that emphasis is placed on the need to create supportive conditions. According to Rosenberg (2018), a supportive environment eliminates conditions such as loneliness, desolation, and despair that are highlighted as recipes for suicide. Chapter 8, on the other hand, narrows down to family vulnerabilities. In this regard, special attention is paid to socio-economic distresses that families undergo and the resultant conditions that encourage suicidal thoughts.

The perspectives further by Rosenberg are not unique to his writing. Mechanic (2014) shares similar perspectives. Like Rosenberg, while focusing on illnesses and entry into care, Mechanic (204) notes that the resulting societal prejudices and perception of the transition form the basis of the affected person’s mental health. This succinctly shares the opinions furthered by Rosenberg who notes that it is not the individual mental condition that leads to grave repercussions but rather the mental condition of the larger community within which the affected individual lives. In the end, the emphasis is placed on creating policies that look at the broader community rather than the individual.





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